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There’s only one way to explore Italy, and that’s with someone who knows the country intimately. Moreno Moretti spends his days customizing authentic Italian experiences for visitors. Baroque Travel finds out how he does it


Yes, there are many ways to explore a country, but if you have first-hand knowledge of where to go and what to see, you’re guaranteed an exceptional experience. Moretti and his team of experts create customized vacations for those who really want to learn about Italy’s cultures and traditions. In addition to offering the opportunity to explore the most important sites on walking or bike tours, dine at traditional restaurants and shop where the locals do, they also assist with accommodation, providing a selection of exciting villas and apartments to stay in, to make your experience as authentic as possible.


The luxury aspect of this type of vacation is that it can be completely customized to suit your interests and the areas you wish to explore. If you’d like to enjoy a cooking course with a local chef of a specific region, go truffle hunting or cycle through scenic parts of the countryside, this can be arranged for you. This way, you can explore the country while learning all about its special traditions and culture.


Baroque Travel will take down all your details, and then provide these to Moretti and his team so that they can assist us with planning the perfect itinerary for you, including how you wish to travel from one location to the next, what you want to see and do in each specific destination, what events are taking place during your stay, and anything else you may require.

Baroque Villas, a sister company of Baroque Travel, liaises with Moretti to provide a selection of exceptional villas you can stay in whilst on your customized Italian vacation. Take a look at just three of these located on the Amalfi coastline:


Palazzo dei Baroni

This four-bedroomed palace which was built in 1716 features frescoed ceilings, lacquered doors and stucco throughout. It’s an exclusive, elegant enclave where up to 12 guests can enjoy a lavish stay with every possible facility, including flat screen TV, full spa and wellness area with Turkish bath and a thermal pool. The historic atmosphere is an added advantage, offering a gracious air reminiscent of a long-gone era, while featuring every possible modern convenience.


Villa La Praia

Located in Praiano on the picturesque Amalfi Coast in the province of Salerno, right on the beach of La Praia and close to the city centre, this exquisite villa features two double bedrooms, a pool and a sauna. The building is ideal for the young and active. The city itself offers a choice of excellent restaurants where one can enjoy freshly caught seafood and Neopolitan pizzas.


Villa Blanca

Ideal for a group of friends or an extended family, this beautiful villa is located in a secluded area, 6.5km from Positano, 8km from Amalfi and 30km from Pompei. There are eight bedrooms, offering spectacular views of Positano and Capri. The villa nestles in lush terraced gardens with an outdoor living area comprising a private pool, stone deck and comfortable chaise lounges as well as an outdoor shower. Throughout the villa, French doors open to exquisite open terraces with sweeping ocean views.



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