Louis Vuitton unveils new jewelry collection

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Haute jewelry is something that Louis Vuitton is becoming highly acclaimed for, and its newest collection, called Conquêtes, is another fine example. Baroque Access takes a look


Yes, we all know that Louis Vuitton is synonymous with fine design in handbags and accessories, including some of the most famous travel pieces ever created. In more recent times, the French design brand has become equally famous for its fine fashion. And now it is becoming well-known and acclaimed for its exquisite haute jewelry. Louis Vuitton’s latest collection, called Conquêtes, is another magnificent selection of beautiful, covetable pieces. The collection, which has recently been launched, includes a total of three necklaces, each featuring Louis Vuitton’s most popular signature motifs – the magnificent Monogram flower and the V.


One of the beautiful necklaces in the collection features a long chain of pearls and diamonds and is set with a 54.3 carat tourmaline. The lower loop of this beautiful piece can be removed and worn as a bracelet.


Another one of the necklaces is set with a 16.82 carat mandarin garnet on a round, structured necklace held by interwoven links of diamonds, and the third boasts a 37.07 imperial topaz, which joins the V and the iconic flower monogram in diamonds. It’s a magical creation with orange and pink hues, and also features a soothing opal.

The extremely complex chain designs of these three necklaces demonstrate Louis Vuitton’s exquisite craftsmanship. The baguette cut diamonds have been finished so as to fit their settings perfectly, and follow every single curve of the particular design.


The new Conquêtes collection also includes 60 other beautiful pieces of jewelry, each designed by Louis Vuitton to represent the brand’s charisma and allure. The collection, which was unveiled for the first time at Paris Haute Couture Week, concentrates on a magnificent selection that shows off the beauty of colored gemstones and diamonds. This is also the first time that Louis Vuitton has taken both of its signature motifs, the V and the Monogram flower, and used them together in one collection.

The name ‘Conquêtes’ is French for ‘conquests’. It pays homage to independent, self-assured women and offers them a wide selection of exquisite pieces to choose from.


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