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It’s an unusual eco lodge in the middle of the desert, an oasis that offers an extraordinary experience. The luxury lies in its authenticity and eco friendliness. Baroque Travel discovers Hotel Adrère Amellal in Egypt


Resting on the side of a limestone mountain in the middle of the desert in the northwest of Egypt, the eco-friendly Hotel Adrère Amellal offers a romantic, private getaway that is completely ‘green’ – you won’t find electricity or WiFi here, or telephones. Instead, oil lamps, fires lit in fireplaces and candles provide a unique atmosphere when the sun sets. Although the buildings are quite luxurious, they’re indigenous and literally very ‘earthy’, as they’re made from earth, stone and salt water.


The delicious food served here is all organically grown in the hotel’s very own garden and the design of the entire structure is quite unique: you traverse a labyrinth of corridors to get anywhere, and when you reach a location, it’s likely to be a beautiful terrace or an elegant and sumptuous covered area that is perfect for relaxing in.


There are just 37 beautiful guest rooms and suites at Hotel Adrère Amellal, all simply but beautifully decorated. Furniture and couches are made from the same material as the buildings themselves, covered with lots of sumptuous white cushions and there’s plenty of limestone to add another element. Guests enjoy a number of facilities including a spa and spring water swimming pool, which is a welcome respite from the desert heat.


At Hotel Adrère Amellal, guests can forget about the outside world and immerse themselves in the unique surroundings. The hotel offers numerous activities including horseback riding, dune surfing, and jeep journeys to explore the desert including trips to the Great Sand Sea and the White Desert. The nearby perfectly preserved, legendary village of Siwa is a joy to explore, with its 13th Century houses.


This exclusive hotel is located in the Siwa oasis, one of the five largest oases in the desert. It’s a far cry from Egypt’s most popular sights, which include the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of the Kings, but just as exciting, particularly if you enjoy a peaceful hideaway where you can get away from it all.

The Siwa oasis offers many treasures, including the caves of Gebel and Moutat, a Greco-Roman necropolis with historic, mysterious painted walls and ‘The Mountain of the Dead’. These sites are located just 15km from the hotel and offers an insight into an exclusive and very different side of Egypt.


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