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Here’s an opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary adventure, sleeping in an ice sculpture in the iconic Ice Hotel


They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and if that is true, it explains why there are so many imitations of the iconic Swedish Ice Hotel, which has copies throughout Scandinavia as well as one in Canada. But there’s nothing like the original experience, the one that created all the hype in the first place. A night or two at this extraordinary hotel that is made of ice not only includes staying in a freshly built guest room, but also includes a number of exciting activities such as a ride by dog sled, hunting for the Northern Lights by snowmobile and encountering reindeer.

The hotel, which is located in the Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi, was originally an art gallery of sorts, a place where local art was displayed. Then somebody asked if it was possible to sleep over… and the rest is history.


This year marks the 28th birthday of the Ice Hotel, and like every year, different artists from around the world are invited to create brand new art suites for guests to stay in. For 2017 there are 28 artists from 11 different countries around the globe, whose task it is to make their designs come to life as guest suites, or ‘art suites’. In some cases, when the artist’s work is very popular, the same artist will be asked to come back and design another masterpiece. Every winter the results are breathtaking and unique, and this year will be no exception.


Of course, ice sculpture is an art form on its own, created from ice and snow, a far cry from sculpture, which is usually created using different metals. To give you an idea of the complexity of each project, the ‘art suite’ is created using enough snow and ice to make 700 million snowballs.

This year, the artists have pulled out all the stops to create some exquisite and very exciting experiences for guests. Guests can sleep right next to King Kong, be part of Alice in Wonderland, take a virtual trip to space… and that’s just a taste. There are 15 exciting, mind-altering design created, each one more extraordinary than the next.


To give you an idea, you can ‘Follow the White Rabbit’ thanks to artist Anna Sofia Mååg Niklas Byman, reside with the Queen of the North, thanks to Emilie Steele Sebastian Dell’Uva, sleep on a Wandering Cloud (courtesy of Lisa Lindqvist, who designed an ‘art suite’ last year), fall asleep next to a giant ice Faberge Egg (a creation by Tomasz Czajkowski Eryk Marks) or explore the White Desert, courtesy of Timsam Harding Fabián Jacquet Casado. Of course, there’s more… A Rich Seam, Ground Rules (giant snails, apparently), Space Room, Cumulus and King Kong are all waiting for you.

Of course, booking in advance is essential for the rooms, which open on 15 December. So if you’d like to book a stay at this exciting hotel, make sure to make a reservation early.


So what does an Ice Hotel experience entail? Let us take a look… You have to get to Stockholm first, and then fly to Kiruna, from where you’re transported to the Ice Hotel. If your adventure to start the moment you arrive, make sure to book a sled ride pulled by husky dogs. When you get there, you’re given thermal clothing to keep you warm (so there’s no need to pack designer gear). After exploring the hotel you enjoy a cocktail at the Ice Bar, followed by a traditional Scandinavian feast at the restaurant, which offers views of the night sky just in case the Northern Lights appear. Then it’s off to bed to sleep in your choice of ice sculpture in this iconic hotel, tucked up in a thermal sleeping bag.


The following two days are spent on exciting outdoor adventures. You wake up to hot lingonberry juice, followed by a sauna and a hearty breakfast. Then you can choose from numerous activities, including those mentioned above, as well as a dinner in the wilderness, a chance to learn how to sculpt ice using traditional tools, horse-riding at night, or skiing in the Poikkijarvi Woods.


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