Ferrari and Hublot collaborate on a unique Tourbillon timepiece

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Especially for Ferrari, Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot created a limited edition version of its famous Techframe Tourbillon Chronograph to honor the Italian automaker’s 70th anniversary. Baroque Access finds out all the details


Precision timepieces are lending their names to various accessories including super cars. Swiss horologists Hublot has collaborated numerous times with Ferrari – this time the result is a special timepiece, the Hublot Techframe Ferrari 70 Years Tourbillon Chronograph to honor the automaker’s 70th anniversary. This particular iteration, which was completely designed by Ferrari, is quite unique and pays tribute to Ferrari in the best way possible. The limited edition 210 pieces are cutting edge masterpieces fusing automotive design with an extremely complex watch movement.

In fact, the new Ferrari timepiece is extremely complicated and boasts a total of 253 components in all. Centro Stile, the Ferrari design team that works in-house, designed the watch around the Tourbillon movement, utilising the very same creative process as the one used to create a sports car chassis. The result is a timepiece that weighs very little but is extremely solidly built.


This particular Technoframe Tourbillon is also distinguished by a middle that is a skeleton case, created from one-directional carbon as well as the multi-layered hypoallergenic material polyether. The watchcase was created from King Gold, an alloy that is a mixture of gold and ceramic that was developed by Hublot’s design team.

Of course, there’s more. The dial features two logos – both Hublot and Ferrari – and its exquisite design was inspired by the instrument panels found on all Ferrari vehicles. This special timepiece is a great tribute to Ferrari, who produced their very first vehicle, the Ferrari 125 in 1947.

Actually, the newest Hublot model is available in three different versions – King Gold, PEEK Carbon and Titanium – each limited to just 70 pieces.  All of the watchcases, from which the name Techframe is derived, were inspired by the lattice tube frames that form the basis of manufacturing racing cars of the past.



There’s more… the timepiece’s movement is installed by a 30-degree rotation in the Techframe, guaranteeing, the best possible function. The strap paired with the watches is composed of a particular Ferrari red, called ‘Rosso Corsa’, but there is also a range of interchangeable straps, making this particular timepiece the ultimate in exclusivity.


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