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Since the mid 1990s, Malaysia has offered a most unique Formula One experience. Sadly, the race, scheduled from 29 September to 01 October 2017, will be the country’s last. Baroque Access finds out all the details


It’s the last time that Malaysia will host the Formula One Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix, so if you haven’t experienced this unique event in Asia, we suggest you pack your bags and head over there right away. The 2017 race, which is the 19th annual race in Sepang, Malaysia, is likely to go out with a lot of fanfare. You wouldn’t want to miss it!


For almost two decades, Malaysia has played host to the exciting Petronas Formula One Grand Prix, which is a fun-filled event for fans of all ages. Aside from the Formula One race at Sepang International Circuit, which is the obvious highlight, there are numerous other events and promotions that take place beforehand and afterwards, attracting thousands to the circuit to enjoy what’s on offer.

The reason the race is so unique is that the circuit is unusual. It’s one of the most technical of its kind in Formula One. Created with a selection of long high-speed straights and tight twisting complexes, the track is also one of the most complicated in the world. Luckily, overtaking is easy for the experienced drivers, as the track is very wide.  The race itself takes place over 56 laps, 5.543km each, with a total distance of 310.408km. The record for one lap is one minute, 34.223 seconds, achieved in 2004 by Juan Pablo Montoya.

If you are planning to visit the race, or want to know what to expect so that you can catch the highlights on TV, take a look at the schedule below. Please note that this timetable is subject to change.



Thursday 28 September

12 to 12.30pm: Petronas taxi rides

3pm: Formula One Press Conference

3.45 to 4.45pm: Pit Lane Walk


Friday 29 September

8.45 to 9.10: FIA Formula 4 SEA Practice Session

9.30 to 10.15am: Porsche Carrera Cup Practice Session

11am to 12.30pm: Formula One Practice 1

12.50 to 1.15pm: FIA Formula 4 SEA Qualifying Session

3 to 4.30pm: Formula One Practice 2

5 to 5.30pm: FIA Formula 4 SEA First Race – 8 laps or 25 minutes

5 to 6pm: Formula One Press Conference

5.50 to 6.20pm: Malaysia Championship Series Practice Session

6.30 to 7.30pm: Marshal & Public Pit Lane Walk


Saturday 30 September

10.05 to 10.35am: FIA Formula 4 SEA Second Race (8 laps or 25 minutes)

10.55 to 11.25am: Malaysia Championship Series Qualifying Session

11 to 11.30am: Formula One Team Pit Stop Practice

11.45am to 12.15pm: FIA Formula 4 SEA Third Race (8 laps or 25 minutes)

12 to 1pm: Drivers’ Fan Forum

12.35 to 1.05pm: FIA Formula 4 SEA Fourth Race (8 laps or 25 minutes)

2 to 3pm: Formula One Practice 3

3.20 to 3.50pm: Porsche Carrera Cup Qualifying Session

5 to 6pm: Malaysia Championship Series First Race (TBC laps or 25 minutes)


Sunday 1 October

10 to 10.30am: FIA Formula 4 SEA Fifth Race (8 laps or 25 minutes)

10.50 to 11.20am: Malaysia Championship Series Second Race (TBC laps or 25 minutes)

11am to 12pm: F1 Drivers’ Autograph Session TBC

11.40am to 12.10pm: FIA Formula 4 SEA Sixth Race (8 laps or 25 minutes)

12.30 to 1.05pm: Porsche Carrera Cup Race (14 laps or 30 minutes)

1.30pm: Formula One Drivers’ Track Parade

1.45 to 2.15pm: Formula One Starting Grid Ceremony & Opening Ceremony

2.46pm: Formula One National Anthem

3 to 5pm: Formula One Grand Prix (56 laps or 120 minutes)


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