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Luxury Rentals
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With St Barts back in vacation mode once again after literally braving the storm (we’re talking about Hurricane Irma, of course), Baroque Villas reminds us of some of the reasons to book a vacation on this luxury Caribbean island


Wherever you plan to find a villa in St Barts, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience, with its pristine beaches, unsurpassed level of service and stunning shops. Whether you arrive in your own private yacht, or fly in, no matter – there are numerous luxurious villas to choose from, all waiting to pamper you in luxury.

Of course, the sense of relief that accompanies the island’s reopening is going to manifest in an extremely vibrant atmosphere. There’s that feeling of relief that the worst is behind them, that the islanders were able to get through the ordeal and prepare the island and its neighboring isles to host many guests once again.
So why not celebrate with the residents of St Barts during the coming Festive Season? With its lush tropical vegetation, gold sand beaches and choice of luxury villas overlooking the sea or clinging to the hillsides, visitors can enjoy an unbeatable vacation in the Caribbean.

The selection of villas covers every possible taste. Some are decorated in typically Caribbean style, whilst others are extremely contemporary and plush. Many offer exquisite décor, superlative views and every possible amenity. St Barts is back in business, so let’s celebrate and book a villa vacation there right away.


Baroque Villas wants to give you an idea of the type of villa you can rent on your vacation. As difficult as it is to choose just one, we thought the stylish three-bedroomed Villa Nita would give you a taste of what’s in store on a St Barts vacation.

It’s located close to Lorient Beach, one of the most popular beaches on the island, a spot that is protected and great for swimming and snorkeling as well as surfing if you’re so inclined. The villa is also close to St Jean Beach – and Gustavia, the island’s capital, is a mere 5km away.

Furnished with retro 1960s décor, this luxury villa offers breathtaking panoramic views of the sea all the way across Lorient Bay. The spacious living area is filled with light and opens directly onto a furnished terrace and pool area. At the back of the living room is a separate media room with TV, surround sound and BluRay DVD. The stylish kitchen boasts red SMEG fridge and freezer, a wine cooler and numerous other luxury facilities.

There are three plush bedrooms, two of which are roughly the same size. One of these is the master bedroom that leads out to the terrace with its scenic views and the third bedroom is a recent addition. The villa has a housekeeper on call six days a week.


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