New luxury safari camp in Tanzania’s Serengeti

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Opening this December is a new, exclusive safari camp for those who want to witness the migration in Tanzania. Baroque Travel finds out all about Sanctuary Kichakani Serengeti Camp


Just in time for 2018, another luxury camp is opening in Tanzania. Sanctuary Kichakani Serengeti Camp will offer a completely unique experience – it is based in three different locations across the magnificent Serengeti, so that guests can see the very best of this untouched wonderland, and enjoy an unsurpassed safari experience. The Serengeti is famous for the migration of millions of zebra and wildebeest that follow the fresh grass across the plains during the annual migration season, which falls in the winter months. Although it is currently summertime in Africa, game viewing in this part of the world is quite unique, with the opportunity to see many wild animals in their natural habitat.


So whether you’re planning a trip now in the summer months, or looking ahead to next June and July for the migration, this exceptional new safari camp is well worth considering. The brand new camp, which opens this December, offers 10 luxurious tents that are designed so that they can be packed up and moved. It offers an opportunity to experience the charm of safari living in bygone days, much like the way pioneers travelled in the 19th century, but with every possible modern amenity. The portable tents are very luxurious, five-star guest accommodations, featuring every possible modern comfort under canvas.


Each of the 10 tents is decorated with handcrafted furniture, including chairs, cabinets, desks and beds, all easily portable. They feature en suite bathrooms with authentic bucket showers and a private wooden deck where guests can relax with a drink or a book. Tents are sand-colored so that they blend perfectly into the environment, and also leave little impact on the place where they stand, making them eco-friendly as well. In addition, guests enjoy the services of their own personal attendant (one per tent), to ensure that service is personalized and guests are pampered.


The camp also features a central main tent with canopy where lounge and dining areas are located. This large tent opens on the sides to give an indoor/outdoor feel and offers breathtaking views over the surroundings. The camp features a chef and his team, who prepare a selection of international dishes that they combine with traditional Tanzanian additions. In the evenings, guests gather round the traditional fireside, exchanging stories of their adventures on game viewing trips during the day. The passionate guides who are experts in tracking animals in this unique environment will also fill guests in about the animals who live in this part of the wilds.


The three set locations where the camp will stop off throughout the year are strategically chosen to follow the path of migration, which means that viewing wildlife from the camp is a dream come true, whether it’s over the plains, in the midst of the grasslands or on top of a rocky kopje. You can expect to see numerous animals on your safari aside from migrating wildebeest and zebra, such as the Big Five, cheetah, giraffes and a variety of smaller animals.

This fascinating camp will initially be located in the Southern part of the Serengeti, from opening day (2 December 2017) until the end of March 2018. It then moves to the Central Serengeti and will be open from 26 May to 15 July. Finally, it will head to the Northern Serengeti and will be open from 29 July to 15 November 2018.

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