Rosy Bahamas vacation

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Harbor Island and its extraordinary Pink Sands Beach have been a best keep secret in the Bahamas. But no more. Baroque Travel finds out all about this idyllic island escape


Stretching for more than three miles on Harbor Island, beautiful Pink Sands Beach is not only spectacularly beautiful, but it’s also a stunning spot to relax on a well-earned vacation. The beach gets its unique pink color from foraminifera, which are microscopic shelled creatures with reddish-pink shells. These creatures are mixed into the sand with finely crushed coral, shells and other substances usually found on beaches.


Our choice of place to stay in this unique environment is The Dunmore Harbor Island, a resort that celebrates the exceptional. This Caribbean beach hotel is a timeless, classically elegant retreat that offers every comfort. Overlooking the azure Atlantic sea and the celebrated hues of Pink Sands Beach on Harbor Island, the hotel has been a hidden secret since it was first opened in 1963, a popular haven for the rich and famous.


The resort’s landmark pavilion is the entrance to this luxury haven in the Bahamas. Accommodation is in charming guest cottages, each offering its own spacious private patio and furnished in chic beach style by the celebrated designer Amanda Lindroth. The legendary king-sized beds are comfortable, and the entire setting is reminiscent of a more elegant era, with lots of contemporary touches. The result is gracious, warm and inviting.


Dining at The Dunmore is another exclusive experience. The menu features a selection of dishes that blend French and Continental cuisine with fresh seafood, tropical fruits and local ingredients. These unique flavors, created by Executive Chef Philip Armbrister, capture the taste of the islands in the Bahamas and their unique spirit. Guests enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in the restaurant, as well as complimentary tea and coffee. The restaurant is also open to the public for lunch and dinner, although dinner reservations are required.


Activities available at The Dunmore are numerous, as befits a luxury Caribbean resort. There’s a heated swimming pool, tennis court, beach-side service, numerous water sports such as waterskiing and jet skiing, as well as many other activities, including yoga instruction and private fishing expeditions. Guests can also enjoy private charter with the captain to explore this spectacular area.


Harbor Island is one of the most celebrated destinations in the Caribbean, if you have been let into the secret. The indescribable beauty of the pink beach sand stretching for three long miles is something quite unique. Take a stroll on the beach by day, and then, for a completely different experience, see it when the sunsets, and the sand’s color changes to a vibrant pink. The contrast between the blue of the sea and the pink of the sand is why Pink Sands Beach is often called the most beautiful beach in the world.


Explore further afield to really get to know Harbor Island, which dates back to 1791, when Lord Dunmore, who had a summer residence on the island, planned the streets of the town. Explore the town with its well-preserved cottages nestling along streets where golf carts are used instead of cars to get around.


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