You have to own the car to get one of these limited Owners Edition timepieces

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But there is a silver lining… Autodromo is also bringing out Endurance Chronographs for the rest of us… Baroque Access has all the details


US watch company Autodromo recently released a ground-breaking selection of timepieces that were designed in collaboration with Ford Motor Company. They include an Autodromo GT Owner’s Edition as well as Endurance Chronographs for the rest of us.


Autodromo, owned by Bradley Price, has gained a reputation for creating stunning, high quality, automotive-inspired watches. Their latest project, in collaboration with Ford Motor Company, includes two separate collections inspired by America’s greatest racing car, the Ford GT. The result is a set of timepieces that capture the personality and philosophy of both Ford cars that conquered le Mans in the 1960s, and the $400,000 super car that was created this year to honor them.


If you are one of the lucky owners of this limited edition 2017 masterpiece (we’re talking about the car here!), then you can purchase Autodromo’s exquisite bespoke, limited edition watch. It is a masterpiece of design, just like the car, with a 43mm ceramic case with lines reminiscent of the spirit of the Ford GT but with its own distinctive personality.


The watch features a 43mm ceramic case with a sapphire crystal dial that is held in place by a steel chassis that bears the lugs. Inside one finds a Swiss automatic fly back chronograph movement. Every watch is bespoke, designed to match its owner’s vehicle, with a wide variety of color options. Each of the special Owner’s Edition watches will carry a special serial number that matches the car to which it has been paired. Those planning to purchase a new Ford GT can choose everything they want for both the car and the watch at the same time. Pricing is not yet available for this limited owner’s edition, and pre-orders will be open in early 2018.


However, if you don’t have a Ford GT in your garage, don’t despair. You can still purchase an exceptional Autodromo timepiece inspired by a Ford GT racing car. The GT Endurance Chronograph was inspired by the Owner’s Edition but has a definite nostalgic element, with a design that is reminiscent of the 1960s when these iconic vehicles were first created.


The timepieces are vintage-inspired yet very wearable, with classic, simple touches. There are various options for the dial including the clean, restrained Le Mans Blue variant, a wilder LM2016, built to celebrate Ford GT’s Le Mans class winner last year, plus two Heritage pieces – The Heritage ’66 and Heritage ’67 that celebrate Ford GT victories at the 24 Hours Le Mans races in those respective years.

The straps are ribbed, tuck and roll leather, which is a signature of Autodromo, and there is a choice of colors – black, blue or white. All straps are finished with an engraved Autodromo logo pin buckle.


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