McLaren 720S takes top honors

evo Car of the Year Awards
evo Car of the Year Awards
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McLaren’s extraordinary 720S was recently named ‘Car of the year’ for 2017 as well as ‘Best Supercar of 2017’ in the evo Car of the Year Awards. Baroque Ground finds out more


Winner in two categories is no mean feat especially with some heavy competition. So McLaren has every reason to be proud of itself, as it has just been awarded two different titles in the car magazine evo’s Car of the Year Awards for 2017 – both ‘Car of the Year’ and ‘Best Supercar of 2017’.


Yes, there were several other categories making up 10 in all in these illustrious awards, but once we saw ‘Car of the Year’ and ‘Best Supercar’, forgive us if we go on and on about this magnificent vehicle. OK, the awards, which are considered extremely prestigious, also recognized a number of other British automakers, including Bentley and Lotus. Bentley’s Continental GT was named evo’s ‘Best GT’ for 2017 and the Lotus Elise Sport 220 received accolades as the ‘Best Sports Car’ for that year.


The 10 key categories in these prestigious awards honoured top performance vehicles in several different categories. Road testers judged the cars on their performance on the road as well as their delivery when it comes to offering an excellent driving experience. To win both ‘Car of the Year’ and ‘Sports car of the Year’, the McLaren 720S had to be quite extraordinary. And it is. According to the editor of car magazine evo, Stuart Gallagher, the vehicle “is the product of a manufacturer that hasn’t changed its focus on wanting to build the most exciting, thrilling and best performance cars it can.”


Aside from being exceptionally fast, the vehicle offers an extremely smooth ride. As the magazine says, “This is one very special car.” Not only that – British automakers have succeeded time and again in showing their talent, creativity and keeping their tradition when it comes to creating high performance cars.

The magazine certainly knows what it’s talking about. The evo Car of the Year Awards was first launched in 1998 and has now run for 30 consecutive years, naming the very best performance cars from around the world each year.


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