Jaguar’s first electric vehicle debuts this year

Baroque Ground
Baroque Ground
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One of the most exciting launches of 2018 will definitely be Jaguar’s first electric vehicle, the Jaguar I-Pace. Baroque Ground finds out all about this iconic vehicle


Voted ‘Most Anticipated Car of 2018’ in the What Car 2018 Reader Awards in London recently, the Jaguar I-Pace promises to be an exceptional sports car, combining exquisite styling with sports car performance. The new five-seater was chosen from a shortlist of 12 cars all being launched into the market in 2018, including luxurious models from Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Tesla.


For their first-ever battery powered electric vehicle, Jaguar has thrown away the rule book. The new I-Pace is smaller than most mid-sized SUVs but manages to provide passengers with more room, and still leave plenty of space for luggage, compared to other SUVs in the same segment.


According to Jaguar’s Director of Design, Ian Callum, the new I-Pace is “a radical departure for electric vehicles. It’s the product of authentic Jaguar design DNA matched with the most advanced electrification technology and British craftsmanship.”


The I-Pace joins Jaguar’s ‘Pace’ collection of SUVs, the F-Pace and the E-Pace (and if you remember, the E-Pace won over 70 major international awards and is also the fastest-selling Jaguar ever produced). Like the other ‘Pace’ models, this one is modern and stylish, but unlike other electric vehicles, the I-Pace doesn’t follow the same design rules… it doesn’t boast a long hood. Instead, the hood is short and sloped, and its windshield meets the car body right over the front wheels.


Originally unveiled in concept form in 2016, the I-Pace features a 90-kWh battery pack in the floor, which delivers power to two Jag-designed electric motors, one for each axle. The price of this all-electric Jaguar is expected to be with a starting price of under $100,000.


This is literally the first of a line of electric Jaguar vehicles – the British automaker wants to produce 50% of its vehicles as electric vehicles by 2025. With Jaguar’s thrilling performance in an electric vehicle, that’s certainly something to look forward to. In the meantime, we have the I-Pace with its new-generation technology and futuristic design, a car that delivers zero vehicle emissions and a luxury driving experience. Who could ask for more?


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