The most expensive smart watch in the world

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Smart Watch
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Tag Heuer recently unveiled their new Android watch, the Connected Modular 45 – and it’s being called the most expensive smart watch in the world. Baroque Access finds out all the details


One of the most coveted watch brands in the world, Tag Heuer, has done it again, by producing what is being called the most expensive smart watch in the world. The Swiss watchmaker’s brand new Connected Modular 45 is an augmented version of Tag Heuer’s Modular 41 smart watch. This new timepiece is created from white gold and titanium and is decorated with numerous diamonds.


The watch has a 45mm case made out of 18-karat polished white gold, and the bezel is covered with 78 diamonds; there are another 16 diamonds on the watch’s lugs. In addition, the watch bracelet is embellished with a further 489 diamonds. No wonder it sells in the region of $200,000!

This new smart watch is powered by Intel with a Google Android Wear OS, offering the best of both worlds – the very best of luxury Swiss watchmaking combined with all of Silicon Valley’s high technology.


The collection features interchangeable watch heads and a choice of straps in calfskin, ceramic or titanium, not to mention buckles in rose gold, black or titanium. Because it can be customized in numerous ways, it offers the wearer a choice of different color combinations for the ultimate accessory. Combining the very best of technology and luxury, Tag Heuer’s Connected Modular 45 is assembled in the watchmaker’s workshops in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland.

But it’s not only the watch accessories that make a difference – Tag Heuer lets the wearer choose exactly what the entire watch is made of. And let’s not forget, you can also change your watch from Android to analogue; this takes a mere 30 seconds! All you have to do is press down on a button on each side of the underside of the watch to release the strap – you then click the new main unit into place. It’s that easy.


With a 400×400 pixel screen, the watch offers a choice of display panels, like many of its ilk. The wearer can also choose a selection of different faces, backgrounds and colors.

When it comes to the mechanics, the watch offers everything you’d expect, and more. There’s a choice of Chronograph Caliber 16 or COSC-certified Chronograph Tourbillon core if you wish, and numerous features including 512megs of RAM with 4GB of storage. The watch is also water resistant up to 50 meters… All in all, this is one spectacular timepiece. Just what one would expect from Tag Heuer, of course.


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