Iceland Hotel Named One of the World’s Most Unique

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The Hotel Husafell in Iceland has just been added to National Geographic’s list of Unique Lodges of the World. Baroque Travel finds out all about this exceptional hotel


National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World is an exclusive collection of 57 hand-selected lodges where guests experience the most spectacular locations on earth while at the same time preserving them for generations to come. Guests enjoy intimate encounters and rare experiences in parts of the world that people rarely visit. Each lodge is deeply rooted in its community and dedicated to protecting the surrounding habitats and cultures.


The newest of these lodges is Hotel Husafell in Iceland, located amid the dramatic landscapes of the Highlands in the West of the country. Like every other establishment on the list, the hotel was evaluated through a comprehensive vetting process; it was judged on property, guest experience, quality of service as well as sustainable tourism practices. The process included an on-site inspection by an expert who assessed how the hotel operated, met the staff and evaluated the lodge’s sustainable tourism practices.


Hotel Husafell is within close proximity to the glaciers, lava caves and scenic Snæfellsnes National Park. The hotel itself is built sustainably and is inspired by Iceland’s wild and inspiring essence. Thermal spring water creates much of the energy used by the hotel, and the lodge has also built three hydro-electric power plants to capture the power of heat and water. It derives all of its energy from these natural, on-site resources.


The design of the hotel is also sustainable, and includes traditional Icelandic furnishings. Guest rooms are decorated with original artworks created by famous local artist Páll Guðmundsson. All bath amenities are made from Icelandic herbs.

Facilities at the hotel include fine dining on traditional dishes, a 9-hole GEO-certified sustainable golf course, and the geothermal nature baths, which are open all year-round.


The area surrounding the hotel is quite spectacular. Iceland’s best-kept secrets lie inland, not on its scenic coastline, where tiny communities have survived at the edge of landscapes that are sculpted by lava and ice. The hotel is off the beaten path, yet an easy drive from Reykjavík, the country’s capital and largest city.

It’s a peaceful retreat, with glass walls so that guests can enjoy the views of the hills, glacial rivers and ice-capped peaks. In the summertime, they can play golf under the midnight sun, and in winter the dazzling northern lights create a dramatic backdrop, lighting up the skies several times every week. Some of the area’s delights just waiting to be explored include the Langjökull glacier, enormous lava caves and spectacular waterfalls.


Family owned and –run, Hotel Husafell offers numerous adventures, including mountain biking, hiking on 10 hiking trails, visiting a glacial cave, lava tube and much more.


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