New Range Rover Evoque

2019 Range Rover Evoque
2019 Range Rover Evoque
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Range Rover released a brand new Evoque 2019 on 22 November 2018. Baroque Ground takes a look

Replacing the extremely popular current Range Rover Evoque that was initially released in 2011, the 2019 iteration has had a facelift. It’s fresher looking, has a smarter cabin design, an infotainment system worth writing home about and a choice of mild hybrid engines. And there’s a full plug-in hybrid on the cards. Who could ask for more?

Wherever it takes you, the new Range Rover Evoque will make the journey an exciting experience – and that includes off the road. Land Rover’s latest luxury compact SUV features everything required in a brand new model including a cabin “designed to be a calm and serene space, ensuring comfortable, healthy and happy occupants, with technologies such as the twin touch screen Touch Pro Duo system, featuring new, faster software, 16-way seat controls and cabin air ionisation that complement the increased interior space.” That’s the facts according to Land Rover.

Of course, there’s more. The new Range Rover Evoque is the first car to feature Ground View technology – this basically makes the bonnet invisible by projecting a camera image onto the upper touch screen to give the driver a 180-degree view under the front of the vehicle! A stunning tool when parking in difficult spaces in town or tackling rough terrain in the country. It’s what Land Rover promised us in 2014 – and it’s called Transparent Bonnet technology.

The car will be available to purchase in early 2019 at a price of approximately $40,600. There will be various engine variants, but the first to be released is a 150hp 2.0-liter diesel engine with a 6-speed manual gearbox and front-wheel drive. Yes, it looks different, with its sophisticated slim-line LED headlights, flush-fitting door handles that pop out when you unlock it, diffuser-style rear bumper and boot-mounted spoiler.

Then there’s all the customizing you can do to make it stand out from the rest – the alloy wheels can be anything from 17 to 21 inches… your call. The color is your choice – there are two new additions to the regular colors: Nolita Grey and Seoul Pearl Silver. The interior is also bespoke, so you can choose between quilted leather seats, leather on the dashboard and more leather on the interior of the doors. If you prefer you can forgo the leather and the high-tech infotainment screens. In fact, if you’re into recycling, you can have your Evoque upholstered in Dinamica suede cloth, a material created from recycled bottles!

No matter what you choose, the new Range Rover Evoque comes with up to 33 kg of natural and recycled materials. Not bad, eh?

Now let’s talk infotainment. There’s a choice of three new systems, depending on what you want. The entry level car has a 10-inch center screen and Bluetooth connectivity, while the Evoque S offers int4egrated sat-nav, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can also create your own WiFi hotspot in the car. Best of the best is found in the Evoque SE and above. This is the much-lauded Touch Pro Duo system, which comprises two 10-inch screens stacked one on top of the other plus a digital display that replaces the analogue dials of yore behind the steering wheel. Very modern, extremely on-trend. This stunning infotainment system is borrowed from Range Rover’s Velar.

Don’t forget the Clear Sight Ground View we mentioned early that uses cameras in the front bumper that offers an augmented view of the ground underneath your bonnet. The Clear Sight also transforms the rear view mirror into a monitor beaming a clear view of the road behind the car. And did we mention Smart Settings Technology? This is another first – it learns your habits. Everything from how you like to sit in the driver’s seat to your preferred position for the steering wheel.

There’s so much more to this brand new Evoque that we suggest you test drive one to get a feel for your driving experience. One thing is certain. You’re in for a treat.

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