Rent an exclusive island hideaway in the Maldives

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One of the most exclusive private islands in the world, Coco Privé in the Maldives is a sought-after vacation destination. Baroque Travel finds out what sets it apart

Exclusive has another name – it’s ‘Coco Privé’, a lavish private haven for the rich and famous, located in the Maldives. You can’t stay in this exquisite retreat unless you book out the entire island. And at $45 000 per night you’d better believe us when we tell you it’s amazing!

Of course this 13 000-square foot exclusive private island has it all… 6 separate luxury villas nestling in tropical gardens, including a master residence, all overlooking a beautiful white sand beach and incredible coral reef. They are decorated with sleek designer furniture and offer every possible facility for an unequalled vacation.

We’re talking indoor and outdoor gyms, saunas, a 131-foot swimming pool, cocktail bar, library and sauna. There’s also a private chef who prepares unlimited meals in a state-of-the-art kitchen. Guests are pampered 24/7 with a staff of 14 including hosts and butlers, a personal therapist who pampers them with therapies whenever and wherever they wish and a sommelier who hand-picks the more than 150 bottles of wine in the wine cellar.

They are spoilt for choice when it comes to activities, too. Adventures include a Robinson Crusoe castaway-style picnic on a sandbank and snorkeling with sea turtles with a marine biologist as a guide. For an extra $50 000 they can enjoy a 3-day extravaganza – the luxurious Coco Privé Soirée is a party featuring a tropical disco, private fireworks display, bespoke culinary offerings and a sunset bonfire accompanied by traditional Boduberu song and dance.

That’s just a small taste of what guests enjoy at this sumptuous retreat. There’s a wrought-iron chess set to play with, a giant wicker nest hanging from a palm tree where you can curl up with a good book over the water, and movie watching in the island’s private jungle cinema.

At Coco Privé, seclusion, discretion and privacy are taken to another level.  From the moment a luxury yacht picks guests up at Male International Airport to transport them on a 35-minute journey to the island, the freedom is palpable. There are no paparazzi in sight!

The ultimate in pampering awaits – unlimited diving, numerous water sports, anything you want, whenever you want… within reason of course! If you like, you can waken at sunrise and meditate on the beach with a yoga master. Work out on the ‘jungle gym’ before enjoying an aerial tour of the Maldives in a helicopter. An experience on this paradise island is as unique as you want it to be.

You can customize every aspect, from your daily menus to your perfect pillow, your favourite brand of tea, your choice of whether to sleep in your room or under the stars. This is your own personal paradise, so make of it exactly what you want.

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