Alberto Morillas
Alberto Morillas
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What a way to start off 2019! Gucci has just introduced an entire fragrance collection called The Alchemist’s Garden. Baroque Access has all the details.

Gucci’s latest fragrance collection, The Alchemist’s Garden collection is inspired by the art of alchemy influencing the ancient art of making fragrances. The collection features 7 different eaux de parfums, 4 perfumed oils, a scented candle and 3 acque profumate. All of the fragrances and formulae in Gucci’s The Alchemist’s Garden were created by Alessandro Michele as well as master perfumer Alberto Morillas. Each has its own distinct character and personality and tells the story of a place, a moment, a season and a memory of a scent.

Users can layer the singular scents in the eaux de parfum, acque profumate and perfumed oils in numerous different combinations to create a customizable, special sillage (that’ the amount the perfume lingers in the air when it’s worn).

The seven Eaux De Parfums comprise singular scents, blended with precious raw materials and flower essences. They are designed to be layered with the rest of the collection to create an individual fragrance statement. Each boasts a hero ingredient – rose, amber, oud, violet, iris, woods and mimosa.

These stunning fragrances are contained in decorative porcelain bottles with whimsical illustrations and evocative names. The rose fragrance, called A Song for the Rose, is an expression of femininity with notes or rose with musk and woods. There’s The Voice of the Snake, named to evoke a snake moving through the forest – it features oud, leather, patchouli and saffron. The Eyes of the Tiger conjures an image of looking into a tiger’s soul; its fragrances are vanilla, ciste resin and tonka.

The Virgin Violet, created using musk, violet and vanilla, evokes an image of a white swan, whilst The Last Day of Summer captures the essence of a breeze on an early Autumn day with cypress and cedar woods. Tears of Iris is Gucci’s sensual interpretation of the iris flower and Winter Spring conveys the joy one feels at the end of winter using mimosa flower blended with pepper and musk.

The 3 Acque Profumate are reinterpreted in modern compositions of cypress, lavender and woods that can be layered with the scents to create an individual fragrance statement. The bottles for these are crafted from white lacquered glass decorated with Gucci’s signature pink rose print. Each celebrates a single note using modern compositions. There’s Fading Autumn with a fragrance of bois modern, A Winter Melody with a note of cypress and Moonlight Serenade, infused with lavender.

The 4 perfumed oils are blended with precious raw materials. They are contained in beautiful sage green toned lacquered glass bottles with an Oriental touch. They feature a glass pipette-style applicator, a vintage method of applying scent that layers the scents to create an individual fragrance statement. There’s A Forgotten Rose, with rose as the hero, oud used in Nocturnal Reverie and violet takes center stage in The Violet Kiss. The final oil is Ode on Melancholy, which features bois modern.

The stunning scented candle is called The Virgin Violet, created with a delicate composition of musk and iris petals married with violet extract. The result is a soft, powdery fragrance that works brilliantly in a candle.

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