Modern tribute to music in Amsterdam

A’dam Tower
A’dam Tower
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Sir Adam is a unique boutique hotel located in Amsterdam’s iconic 22-story A’dam Tower on the city’s IJ-river waterfront. Baroque Travel visits this one-of-a-kind music-inspired establishment to find out what makes it so special

Offering stunning views of the historic part of Amsterdam and located in the city’s creative district, Sir Adam Hotel is situated on the tower’s first 8 floors with neighbors including internationally famous guitar manufacturer Gibson as well as numerous renowned music and entertainment companies. A’dam Tower itself is quite iconic, home to the city’s highest nightclub, Madam, as well as an assortment of stores, cafes, offices, even a revolving restaurant. Visitors enjoy its Lookout observation deck and the subterranean nightclub called Shelter is also very popular. And then there’s the 100-meter-tall rooftop swing called ‘Over the Edge’ that enables the adventurous to fly high above the water below…

The hotel itself is home to numerous facilities including a state-of-the-art gym, a Forbidden Garden and business areas where the cool and creative get together to brainstorm, have meetings or photo shoots and numerous other activities. The simplistic guest rooms and the colorful ‘living lobby’ are both decorated by renowned New York-based design studio Icrave. In keeping with the hotel’s music theme, the hotel also boasts a vinyl music library.

The hotel offers 108 luxury guest rooms decorated in a music theme, all with a Crosley Cruiser record player waiting to be enjoyed. The rooms are decorated with curated works by local artists; other edgy design details include song lyrics, custom furniture and lighting. In keeping with its home in the A’dam Tower, the hotel has a vibrant energy, a result of the creatives who flock here for quality music, good beer and excellent conversation. Lest we forget to mention it – The A’dam Tower is also home to A’Dam Music School, Sony Music and Shelter, making it not just a must-visit destination, but a creative community in its own right.

A popular destination in the hotel is the The Butcher Social Club, offering everything necessary for the type of people who frequent the place – burgers, booze, beer and a breakfast are never in short supply. Open from early in the morning till late at night during the week and 24/7 on weekends, it’s a great place to eat, connect or just relax.

Of course, the A’dam Tower offers other exciting places to eat, including nightclub Madam, which is also home to a bar/restaurant on its 20th floor offering healthy, simple food washed down with a breathtaking panoramic view of Amsterdam. There’s also the revolving restaurant Moon, on the 19th floor.

Set on the tower’s 16th and 17th floors, The Loft is a luxurious event space, and then there’s ID&T on the 13th and 14th floors where numerous famous electronic music festivals are held. Just below, on the 11th and 12th floors, is Sony Music Entertainment, one of the world’s largest record companies, and on the 8th floor there’s Wink, an architectural firm. Global musical agency MassiveMusic is on the 15th floor and Gibson is on the 10th floor.

People come here for the creative buzz and the quirkiness. And they stay, because Sir Adam is on trend and offers every luxury, including an Illy espresso machine in the rooms as well as a Gibson guitar. Vinyl records, warehouse-cool, bold artwork and floor to ceiling windows complete the picture. It’s perfect.

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