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AI cars
AI cars
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German luxury automaker Audi recently revealed its latest concept, the AI:me, at the Shanghai Motor Show. Baroque Ground has all the details

This new concept vehicle from Audi, whose name is pronounced ‘Amy’, is the third from the luxury auto brand, with the Audi AIcon (2017) and Audi PB 18 (2018) coming first. Audi has a fourth and final model up its sleeve that it will reveal in September 2019 at the Frankfurt Motor Show alongside the other 3 concept cars.

But, for now, let’s talk AI:me… It’s a city car, and it’s one below the iconic A1. It’s a stylish, small 4-seater that’s made for running around the city. Some motor aficionados believe it’s the new Audi A2 – but who knows?

So, what’s so special about this latest little luxury car? For starters, it uses artificial intelligence, as its name suggests. But that’s not all. The machine ‘learns’ to read its driver so that the car can offer an autonomous driving ability. Apparently, Audi says that this futuristic concept car is capable of Level 4 autonomous driving – in other words, the car requires very little input from its driver. It does all the work itself.

The car is designed for megacities of the future and as a result inside cabin space is maximized to the hilt. But it’s still a luxury vehicle, so the layout is completely customizable. It’s very, very different from anything that has come before it, with 2 seats that resemble comfortable living room chairs. The rear space in the cabin can either be used for storage or for seating another 2 passengers.

Of course, artificial intelligence involves more than chairs to lounge in… smart features include gesture controls as well as eye tracking and there’s a multi-functional 3D OLED monitor that is located below the windscreen that communicates with the driver. To make the car feel more lounge-like, there are even plants and the Audi AI:me also offers VR goggles for in-car entertainment.

Audi’s latest concept car was designed to make travelling in the city as pleasant and noise-free as possible. Of course, driving the car is also plenty of fun – it’s fully electric with a 125kW electric motor, though Audi is talking about further models that will have batteries.

Created by Australian-born interior designer James Nissen, the brand new Audi AI:me boasts a long 2.77-meter wheelbase for greater interior space. It has been specifically created to learn its driver’s preferences over time – react to the driver’s eye movements, voice, gestures and touch – thus making every single journey a tailored and enjoyable experience.

The new Audi concept car is tiny, just 4.3 meters long (that’s just over 14 feet), but it does accommodate four passengers, plants, luggage and everything else required to make a city drive a pleasure. And, thanks to the plants, the air is pure, too! Definitely created to be more like a home than a car, the Audi AI:me is still in concept form, but gives us an idea of what to expect in the early 2020s.

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