Rolls-Royce reveals its Ghost Zenith Collection

50 cars in the Ghost Zenith Collection

New from British automakers Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in a limited edition of just 50 vehicles known as the Ghost Zenith Collection. Baroque Ground takes a look


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has revealed a stunning new collection of vehicles, created as the legendary Rolls-Royce Ghost celebrates its 10th anniversary. The Collection is a dream come true for Rolls-Royce aficionados – it’s an extremely limited Zenith Collector’s Edition of Rolls-Royce Ghost. This stunning collection of just 50 Zeniths celebrates the Ghost with the highest levels of bespoke ever seen on a Ghost Collection vehicle. The Rolls-Royce Ghost was first created over a century ago as the Silver Ghost. Then there was the 200EX, an experimental car that introduced the concept of a contemporary expression of the Ghost nameplate in 2009 at the Geneva Motor Show. Throughout its lifetime, the Ghost has represented a modern, lithe and driver-focused Rolls-Royce, a dynamic car with elegant lines.

According to CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Torsten Müller-Ötvös, “The Ghost Zenith Collection presents an entirely forward-looking study of the unique characteristics that have seen Ghost ascend to the status of the most progressive super-luxury saloon ever conceived. This unique Collection provides patrons of the marque with a rare opportunity to own a motor car truly evocative of our time. Ghost is the most successful Rolls-Royce ever created and the Zenith Collection marks an important milestone in our modern history.”

The new Ghost Zenith Collection draws many references from the 200EX; the most significant is the inclusion of a commemorative ingot, made from the original 200EX Spirit of Ecstasy, melted down and set in to the center console of each of the 50 cars. Engraved with Ghost’s three key design lines, the plaque details its significant origins. The new Collection’s own Spirit of Ecstasy and clock are engraved with the name of this highly anticipated collection.

200EX is also immortalized in a complex engraving on the center console of each Ghost Zenith. A blueprint-inspired artwork enlarged to a point of abstraction has been divided into 50 distinct parts, allowing each Ghost Zenith owner their own personal, individual work of art.

Another fascinating addition to the Ghost Zenith Collection is the interior of the cars’ doors, that boast illuminated door pockets. Ambient light emits through perforated leather enhancing the architectural elegance of the car’s interior. Master craftsmen have also created a complex piece of marquetry in either wood, Technical fiber or piano-finished veneer.

The Ghost Zenith Standard Wheelbase offers the legendary starlight headliner in a unique Shooting Star configuration. Shooting stars fire at random across the cabin roof, adding an extraordinary sense of theater. This delightful feature comprises over 1,340 individually mapped and hand-woven fiber optic lights.

The Ghost Zenith’s exterior features a special two-tone application with a gloss-contrast paint finish. Owners may select from three different colour-ways: Iguazu Blue with Andalusian White, Premiere Silver with Arctic White or a daring Bohemian Red with Black Diamond, with multiple variants available highlighting the model’s flexibility.

These extraordinary motor cars are currently being hand-crafted at The Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, West Sussex, in the United Kingdom.


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