The Ultimate Coffee Getaway

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Yours for just $100,000 – a fabulous vacation in Italy and San Francisco, courtesy of luxury Italian coffee brand Illy. Baroque Travel finds out all the details

Italian coffee company Illy has created the ultimate adventure for coffee loving travellers – a $100,000 week-long, coffee-themed journey of discovery. During the 7-day trip, guests will get to visit a prestigious Italian coffee university as well as stay in five-star hotels, enjoy Michelin-starred cuisine and travel in luxury on a private jet.

Named the Ultimate Italian Coffee Package, the trip is available for six people at a time and starts off from Illy’s flagship store in San Francisco. The luxury excursion begins with a cup of coffee before guests are whisked off by private jet to Italy’s coffee capital of Trieste – the birthplace of Illy and fine coffee.

Guests will get to tour Illy’s headquarters, experiment with mixology and latte art, and mingle with coffee experts and members of the Illy family. The trip will also include a visit to two-Michelin-starred restaurants in Trieste: Harry’s Piccolo, an upscale bistro, and Al Baggato, which is renowned for its fish-based haute cuisine.

Guests also get to stay at the sumptuous Falisia Resort, a secluded five-star seaside hotel with pristine ocean views and a high-end spa.

The Ultimate Italian Coffee package is priced at $100,000 and can also be customized to include stop-offs of one’s choice. It offers the exclusive and unique opportunity to fly to Italy on a private jet to Trieste in Italy – a major importer and exporter of coffee beans in the 18th century, where you spend a luxurious week refining your coffee crafting skills.

Coffee brand Illy has created this vacation to celebrate 20 years of the company’s University of Coffee, a program built to educate and inspire coffee aficionados and experts on the history and culture of the burgeoning coffee industry. From June this year, Illy is now offering master private classes led by an expert barrista at its San Francisco University of Coffee location. Classes include espresso 101 and latte art.

The coffee vacation is available until mid November 2019.

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