The travelling celebrity hairdresser

bespoke hairdresser
bespoke hairdresser
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Hair stylist to the stars, David Gillson is no stranger to Baroque Lifestyle – he is always travelling to new and exciting destinations, and sharing his finds with our readers. Now he’s just opened a salon in London!

Issy’s, David’s new hairdressing salon, which he opened along with partner Debbie Postiglioni on the first of May this year, is located in one of the most exclusive areas in London – Belgravia, an area that is becoming one of the most sought-after locations in this cosmopolitan city. Issy’s is situated on iconic Elizabeth Street, home to numerous bespoke and famous shops including legendary hat shop Phillip Treacy, a unique Jo Malone store, pet shop Maude & Mungo, renowned patisserie Dominique Ansel and the best bread shop in the city, Poliane.

“Elizabeth Street is all about niche shopping,” David explains. “Everything here offers a personal bespoke experience.” And that now includes Issy’s hairdressing salon!

Aside from working every six weeks at Issy’s in what is called ‘the prettiest street in London’, David also travels to different salons in Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa. This is what sets this celebrity hairstylist apart from the rest. He is the quintessential travelling hairdresser – and now he’s added Issy’s to the mix. “My clients have always visited me in the different salons. Now they can just extend their journey and visit me in London as well,” he jokes. He has already had a lot of support from international clients visiting Issy’s when they are in town.

David not only travels to work in different locations. He also tries to visit a new local or international destination every year. “I love people. I love travel. That’s where I get my inspiration,” he explains. “When I come back from London, I bring back fresh ideas. That’s what feeds me.”



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