Yes, You Can Take A Cruise in Europe in Summer 2020!

Charter a yacht in the summer of Covid-19

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Believe it or not, you will be able to charter a yacht and sail in France, Spain, Italy and Croatia this summer! Baroque Yachts has all the details

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From July 2020, many European shipyards will resume full operations and some sailing will also be permitted this summer. It’s already permissible to charter a yacht in France, if you follow certain measures and sanitary regulations. Yachts currently moored in France will be permitted to sail in French and international waters this summer as long as they are given authorization and a health control certificate that permits them to leave and enter ports.

The same applies to yachts being chartered in Croatia. To cross the borders into other countries from Croatia, the yachts will have to provide a list of crew and passengers via the eCrew system. When they enter a country, Croatian and foreign citizens will have to follow certain guidelines and instructions issued by the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

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Why charter a yacht in summer 2020?

You’re isolated, sure, but you’re with your family enjoying a fabulous summer vacation. Social distancing is no problem on board, and you can cruise for as long as you wish, enjoying superlative personalized service in the comfort of a private luxury yacht. You’ll even be able to visit glorious sandy beaches, secluded spots only accessible by yacht with nobody else around, whether you’re sailing the iconic Dalmatian coast or the Italian coastline. Both Croatia and Italy are open to international visitors from July, offering an exclusive summer yacht cruise that dreams are made of.

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Luxury yachts have always been strict about sanitary regulations and these have been upped to cope with the latest restrictions. Your cabins and leisure areas will be kept sanitized throughout your journey and the facilities on board (snorkel, fitness and scuba diving equipment as well as sun beds) will only be used by your and your fellow passengers, ensuring no contamination.

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The yachting fraternity is intent on getting business back to normal as soon as possible. Many shipyards are planning to start yacht building operations soon, and the iconic Cannes Yachting Festival is still scheduled to take place on September 8 this year. Baroque Yachts will keep you updated on the details. The festival is currently giving exhibitors more time to confirm whether they will participate or not. The festival will be different after Covid-19 lockdown, with full compliance from all participants to ensure that exhibitors and visitors are protected.

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