The Future of Sports Yachting: How the Lamborghini Automobili Partnership with the Italian Sea Group Has Defined a New Legacy

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If a mythological Greek siren, a sensual, irresistible lover of life and all worldly pleasures seduced a raging, untamed bull with her sweet song, they would conceive the Tecnomar for Lamborghini ’63 on crashing waves off the shores of Monte Carlo. 

Lamborghini Automobili recently joined creative forces with luxury yacht company, the Italian Sea Group, to design an exceptional limited edition yacht establishing the world’s sport yacht category. The Italian Sea Group has a passionate commitment to luxury living, a lifestyle they refer to as the ‘Italian Lifestyle,’ which includes a taste for art, beauty, professionalism, prestige, and hospitality. This couples nicely with Lamborghini’s passion for unrivaled excellence in manufacturing and design. 

The story of Lamborghini Automobili starts with Ferruccio Lamborghini, a farmer born in 1916 with a passion as fierce as his zodiac sign, Taurus, the bull. He created great success and personal wealth-producing Lamborghini tractors. At the age of 47, he felt a pull he could not ignore to use his drive and imagination to design a sports car. Risking it all, he established the iconic Lamborghini Automobili.

The 63 in Tecnomar 63, is a nod to the year Lamborghini Automobili successfully entered into the sports car arena to compete with established competitors, including Ferrari and the 63′ length of the yacht. The Italian Sea Group, a well-known conglomerate in the international luxury yacht industry, is the perfect partner in the creative design of the Tecnomar 63. 

The Virtual Launch

Sports car aficionados and yachting enthusiasts eagerly welcomed the virtual launch of Tecnomar 63 on June 30th. The Tecnomar 63 boasts two Man v-12 2000 hp engines and weighs just 24 tons placing it in the ultra-lightweight classification. The motor yacht reaches 60 knots and will be the fastest of the Tecnomar fleet. Fittingly, only 63 models will be produced. The speed and the dynamism of lightweight engineering will satisfy the discriminating collector as well as those loving life at sea. The Tecnomar 63 will be available in 2021. 

Private Yachting Welcomes New Explorers While Intriguing Seasoned Sailors

Yachting continually increases in popularity as it is a way to confidently manage healthcare issues and easily travel with loved ones in a safe, comfortable environment. Those new to yachting marvel at the worlds opening up to them as there are geographies that are best accessed via a charter yacht. Seasoned travelers can experience the wonders of Australia, Thailand, Alaska, the Galapagos, and the Red Sea in a way that might be entirely new to them. Indonesia is an emerging hotspot, particularly the waters of Raja Ampat and the Spice Islands. 

Interested in all that’s new and emerging in yachting? Don’t miss the multi-award winning event, the Dubai International Boat Show 2020, from November 24th – November 28th. As the show continues to evolve, there is an ever-increasing focus on providing a mix of family entertainment and live events. Recent years have included family watersport experiences, diving exposes, and a luxury retail village. It might just be the perfect way to explore an interest in yachting for those new to the sport and to enable those who love the sea to continue to deepen their interest. 

Boating enthusiasts and luxury lovers won’t want to miss the Thailand Yacht Show starting on January 7th, 2021, in the award-winning Royal Phuket Marina. This is the perfect place to explore purchasing a yacht or to compare and contrast the features of private charters, all while enjoying Southeast Asia in its peak season. 

Private Yacht Charter Meets Every Lifestyle Requirement

As the world of luxury travel continues to meet current demands, including safety assurance, comfort, and optimal health, travelers have many new travel options to explore. Opulence, style, and discovery await families as they journey the world, creating memories. Professionals benefit from convenience, comfort, and access regardless of where they are in the world. 

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