3 Monumental End of Summer Must-Do’s That Will Prepare You For a New Season

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We are not likely to forget the summer of 2020 when the familiar traditions that embraced our experiences changed in an instant. A slower lifestyle and new ways of connecting began to merge. Consider savoring the Autumn Solstice by marking the unforgettable Summer of 2020 for friends and family, with unique celebrations and mementos worthy of the drastic change and promising opportunities. 

Tell Your Family’s Story Through Film 

Allow your family, friends, and loved ones to document and express their experiences in a film. A professionally edited, directed, and compiled digital story will instantaneously become a treasure as you mark this time in your family’s history. Generations yet to be born will benefit from capturing the multi-generational experience of this time. Film a family member making a special meal, children learning virtually, professionals conducting conferences from the comforts of home, adoring family pets relishing in attention, and breakaway segments where individuals share their perceptions. The subtleties of technology allow a unique depth in storytelling. The power of its fluidity, unfortunately, enables it to be replaced as technology evolves. Create a companion memory book that will endure the waves of technological advancements. A beautifully crafted book containing images, illustrations, and narratives is the perfect companion to the film. Imagine unveiling the film, seeing the expressions on loved-ones faces as you leave them each with their own copy of the commemorative book and film. 


Close the Season and Welcome the Harvest with a Trip to an Organic Farm 

Rediscovering the magnificence of spending time outdoors, the pleasure of lovingly prepared meals using freshly and responsibly sourced ingredients–all as part of an unforgettable trip is the perfect way to end the summer season. Denmark is known to have the highest market share of organic products in the world. Dairy products, eggs, oatmeal, wheat flour, carrots, and bananas are the popular items in Denmark, meeting local consumer demand. The Danish Agricultural and Food Council expects that 20% of Danish land will be used for organic farming in 2020. Just six years ago, in 2014, three young people decided to transform the 600m (717.6 sq) rooftop of Copenhagen’s oldest car auction house into an urban garden where vegetable fields and greenhouses would be cultivated to raise chickens, rabbits, and bees. 100 neighbors and volunteers helped OsterGRO to become Denmark’s first rooftop farm. When OsterGRO moved to Sweden, GroSpiseri took its place, keeping with the organic tradition. Rent the rooftop farm for your own private celebration. 

Denmark's first rooftop farm

Redesign Your Living Space to Accommodate the New Normal

We’ve tasted the sweetness of slower-paced life, the joy of connecting more deeply with loved ones, and living more effective lives relying on the efficiency of technology. We will likely never want to return. It’s time to redesign living space that reflects the future as we’ve come to know it. Since we spend more time in our living spaces we want to make sure it’s a space that reflects our uniqueness. Look at your area in light of current needs. Does it inspire? Offer collaborative space? Entertaining space? Does the garden provide healing herbs and vegetables as well as visual beauty? Consult with a landscape architect to explore the possibilities that outdoor spaces provide. Some experts are predicting there may not be a solution for the pandemic until the spring of 2021. Does your space meet the needs of everyone living in your home and those that may visit? It’s the perfect time to reassess if our living space reflects our lives. 

landscape architect

Last but not least, don’t forget to take that last-minute trip to, well anywhere. It’s also an excellent time to think about where you want to spend your winter months. Living in a colder climate will definitely put you in the mood for sunshine, and tropical destinations may be just the conclusion to a great summer that you need before tackling the international winter wonderlands and ski destinations that are just around the corner.            

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