Travel Pro Tip: Empty Legs Can Help You Take Advantage of a Private Plane on Your Next Trip and Return to The Golden Age of Aviation

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These two drop the mic-esque words, Empty Legs, are your new secret weapon in taking advantage of luxury travel options at a discounted rate.  

Baroque Aviation

Baroque Aviation

It happens way more than you might think. Planes often fly with a full load one-way and might be completely empty for trips back to its original destination. This phenomenon actually benefits customers because airlines offer impeccable discounts for empty leg charters because 30% – 50% of private jet charter fleets often fly empty. 

In the aviation industry, empty legs are also referred to as one-way flights, empty flights, dead-heads, repositioning legs, or ferry flights. This pre-selected one-way option is perfect for those who need to get away and don’t mind a bit of adventure. It’s also a perfect way to decide where you want to go in the world on short notice. 

A Return to the Golden Age of Aviation

One of the most admirable parts of private charter is how much it honors the golden age of aviation, and the chance to return to this magnificent time is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. When commercial flying was a new phenomenon, airlines used pleasure and luxury to draw travelers to their airlines. It was about service, comfort, style, and glamour. Space to stretch, cleanliness, and gourmet meals ruled the skies. Beauty and decor were part of the experience, and let’s not forget the service component. Customer service was at its best, and airline agents and crew made it known that aviation companies cared for travelers who trusted them. 

Safety, security, and convenience are other appealing parts of chartering a private plane. Pilots that fly private planes are often from some of the most elite professionals in the industry. Passengers can even drive up to their plane of choice, board, and be on their way in a matter of minutes. Private planes also have other options when it comes to ground holds. Pilots have the flexibility to choose alternate routes and airports if need be and file for a new flight plan with minimal delays.    

The golden age of flying was frozen in time by the private aviation industry, and Empty Legs offerings are a great way to enjoy the comfort and joy of luxury charters once again. 

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