From Watches to Wine: 4 Unique Luxe Items That Should be on Everyone’s Holiday Wish List

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Whether you are purchasing timeless luxury items that can be passed down from generation-to-generation, gifts, or adding to your personal collection, these high-end watches, couture handbags, and featured designer shoes are crafted with quality, style, and class that will last a lifetime. 

Luxe Watches You’ll Have Forever

Warning: This product requires exclusive access. Why? Get ready.

Artisans de Genève is a watchmaking workshop based in Geneva, Switzerland, that offers highly exclusive watchmaking artistry for private customers. Modifications are made exclusively in Switzerland by an independent cooperative of highly skilled craftspeople. The result, timepieces with unmatched quality and exclusivity on the planet. Here are a couple of pieces that will blow you away.

The Daytona Juan Pablo Montoya Platinum Challenge

Legendary race car driver Juan Pablo Montoya is one of the most talented drivers in the circuit and is the core of the Penske Racing Team.

Born September 20, 1975, Juan Pablo is one of a small pool of drivers that have participated in NASCAR, Formula One, Indycar, CART, and F3000 circuits along with Daytona prototypes and other race competitions.

The Juan Pablo Montoya Challenge that evolved into La Montoya among watch enthusiasts embodies the legend, grit, speed, and tenacity of who Juan Pablo is. The crafting process tested the fine Swiss watchmakers that tackled this grand innovation, and the ultimate timepiece was born by fire.

The base of the watch is a Rolex® 116520/Rolex® 116508 and is 40mm. This stainless steel and solid gold watch is waterproof, and the front and back (made of transparent sapphire) was hand polished.

The John McEnroe Lefty Challenge

If you don’t know John McEnroe, then you don’t know tennis. The rock star tennis player exploded onto the scene and instantly created legendary rivalries and popped grand slam titles like candy.

McEnroe wanted a modern and elegant look for the timepiece that bears his name, and the John McEnroe Challenge is characterized by an entirely skeletonized movement, graphic lines, and monochromes tones. A memorable feature of this extraordinary timepiece is that the crown has been repositioned to the left so that John “Lefty” can wear the watch while playing what he loves, tennis.

This 40mm waterproof timepiece is perfectly balanced, and the 3135 movement was reworked and crafted with extreme precision. The skeleton is cut, beveled, and hand-finished with luminova to allow a precise reading of time in the dark. This engineering work of art required hundreds of hours of work to maintain the technical and functional features of the original version while offering a unique aesthetic.

Unique Luxe Items That Should be on Everyone's Holiday Wish List

Legendary Hermès Contemporary Artisan Hand Bags

1837 was the year that Hermès became legend and started a movement of style, passion, and quality that is still being felt today. The company has remained faithful to its original artisanal model and dedication to humanity, which fuels its quest for materials, and exceptional artistry that enables the creation of elegant objects that last a lifetime.

The 19cm Kelly Mykonos with Ostrich Platinum Hardware and the 25B Vert Titian Ostrich with Gold Hardware are some of the most decadent bags in the Hermès collection, and you can get your hands on these today.

Unique Luxe Items That Should be on Everyone's Holiday Wish List

High-End Wines That Capture the Essence of Iconic Vineyards

Sipping high-end wine is an experience that will stay with you for most of your life and a 1990 Haut Brion is one of the best. This rich, powerfully dense, black currant wine has earthy, smoky scents. Tasters have said that this bottle is much more linear and firm than the 1989 version, and is full- to medium-bodied.

The 2005 Ponsot, Clos de la Roche VV is an experience all on its own that comes from a small French town by the name of Morey-St Denis. Deep colored, spicy, rich and firm are the notes that this special bottle of wine holds, and this is a good fit for serious wine collectors and enthusiasts.

Unique Luxe Items That Should be on Everyone's Holiday Wish List

Celebrity-Grade Designer Shoes

Air Jordan’s are some of the most well-known kicks in the world that are loved by celebrities, athletes, and fans alike. If you’re going to go, then go all the way with these Dior X Air Jordan 1 Highs. If you want to shine this holiday, then these Swarovski encrusted low tops will be the shoe of your dreams. 

Unique Luxe Items That Should be on Everyone's Holiday Wish List

Interested in purchasing? Contact Baroque Access today at  for assistance in obtaining any of these timeless luxury items. 

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