4 Honeymoon Destinations That Will Send You Over the Moon

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This year, I had three sets of friends needing to postpone their weddings due to Covid-19. That’s three separate venues to reschedule, three separate photographers to suspend, three different caterers standing by, and so many other plans that needed to be reworked. Thousands of couples ready to enjoy the greatest time of their lives have had to put everything on hold. Some are getting creative and having micro-weddings, some are opting for courthouse elopements and holding the reception when it’s safer, others are standing hopeful that one year from their original date, they can still hold their dream wedding. 

Every time I see another one of my friends put a pause on their wedding, I immediately think, what about the honeymoon? I’ve been on the wrong end of canceling international reservations–it’s not a fate I would wish upon most. Luckily, most hotels and estates are being understanding about cancelations during this time, but replanning an international two-to-three-week honeymoon sounds like the stuff in my personal nightmares. But one bride whose wedding was canceled in June pulled me out of my cold sweat and introduced a dream scenario: sure, she had to cancel aspects of her original honeymoon, but now they’re adding to it. That’s right, there might be a positive side to the Covid wedding nightmare.

So often, honeymoons are spent lounging on beautiful beaches or in ancient villas enjoying the quiet relaxation after spending a year or more planning the “most important day of your life.” Since so many weddings have been postponed, theoretically, it is still planned. That gives couples an extra year to think about what may have been overlooked — often the honeymoon. Turn your relaxing trip into an adventure you’ll be glad you waited for.  


We’ve all seen the gorgeous photos of white-washed buildings with blue roofs and the unending sea in the background, so why not take your bridal whites to this fantastic landscape? Greece is often overlooked as a honeymoon destination, but it should be at the top of your list! Not only is it absolutely gorgeous during summer months, it’s snuggly and romantic during the winter season as well. Not to mention it’s the perfect package: beautiful sea, hikes to last your whole trip, history, culture, and amazing food. You’re married now–treat yourself.  

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When most honeymooners look toward Indonesia, they immediately think of Bali. Sumatra, though, is an up-and-comer in the tourist industry for good reason. Not only can you lounge on the beaches in this never-ending summer, but adventurous couples can take advantage of one of the many hiking treks offered throughout the island like the Bukit Lawang nature reserve to the north, where hikers can live among the orangutans. Sumatra is also home to the largest volcanic lake in the world, Lake Toba, which homes an island within the island of Sumatra, which is not to be missed. Plus, if you really need to have your yoga retreat, you could always take the quick flight down to Bali and make your honeymoon an island-hopping adventure. 

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New Zealand

There is so much fun to be had in New Zealand, this underdog honeymoon destination. Obviously, Lord of the Rings fans can take an adventure and romantic pilgrimage through the filming sites and enjoy Hobbiton. New Zealand is also home to some of the best wineries in the world. Any couple looking to relax and unwind after their big day but avoid the crowds should keep New Zealand on their radar. I can’t think of a better way to start a marriage than by experiencing days full of winery tours and nights beginning with sunsets on the beach. 

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So Finland may not sound like a sexy destination (no shade intended), but for couples who don’t imagine sand included in their dream honeymoon, this is the place to be. Finland is home to some of the most amazing and imaginative saunas in the world, including those in igloos, on moving buses, and gondolas, perfect for anyone needing to relax after planning a wedding. In one of the many luxury resorts, couples can also curl up with hot chocolate and watch the magic of the Northern lights from the comfort of their own room. 

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The Honeymoon That’s Worth the Wait 

Why make your honeymoon one long nap on the beach? This is the chance to revisit your plans and get creative! Whether you’re adapting your original honeymoon plan, or starting from scratch, treat your honeymoon like the adventure of a lifetime. Afterall, most of us have been confined to homes for eight months now, give yourself a honeymoon that will make up for all the vacations lost and celebrate the beginning of your marriage in style. 

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