6 Healing Remedies That Can Make 2021 Your Year of Healing

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We have experienced global trauma while the world we once knew has been reset. Consider engaging in a year of healing to refresh, restore, and renew, ensuring we grow stronger from the rubble of 2020. A thought that inspires is a sprout of green growing through broken cement in a desolate, abandoned area. We too, have the same opportunity to turn our faces toward the sun to pivot 2021 into a year of healing the mind, body, and soul by incorporating these 6 healing remedies into our daily lives.  

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Equine Therapy 

Pet therapy has been a savior for many who have been isolated in 2020. We’re familiar with the affection of dogs and the companionship of cats. Not everyone is as familiar with the power of horses to heal the heart on a deep level. These massive, sensitive creatures cannot be fooled by intellect. They sense when individuals are scared, angry, or not forthcoming. If a horse doesn’t trust you the animal, will let you know. Equine therapy helps reach people emotionally when they don’t have the capacity or desire to verbalize what’s wrong. Horses can even help people heal physically. The horse will guide from a place of trust and strength. 

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Fabian Burghard

The Healing Properties of the Sun and Salt 

The healing properties of light are hard to dismiss. Who doesn’t feel better after a day in the sun? The sun that coaxed the greenling through the cement will lead us to brighter days as well. For those who don’t live in environments with access to enough sun or as much as they need, think of trying Himalayan salt lamps—those who advocate for the healing properties state. Genuine salt lamps are sourced from salt harvested from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. Salt sourced from this area is believed to be millions of years old, holding the secrets to humanity’s possibilities and holding the possibilities of the future. The lamps are told to improve air quality, boost a disappointed mood to a more positive one, and aid in coveted sleep. With all of these potential benefits, it’s definitely worth a try. If nothing else, more lighting makes a home beautiful, which is propitious on its own merits. 

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Jason Tuinstra

Vitamin D Builds the Immune System 

Vitamin D builds the immune system. The threat of cancer has caused some to avoid the immune-building properties of the sun’s natural vitamin D. According to a Harvard medical study, people can take up to 4000 international units (IU) a day without risk. Those with deeper skin tones may be prone to being vitamin D deficient, and in these uncertain times, we should all be conscious of building a healthy immune system with ample sources of vitamin D. 

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Nicolas Solerieu

Locally Sourced Food 

While we search for locally sourced food, there is no source closer to us than our own gardens. Kitchen gardens enable us to grab our own home-grown herbs as we create delectable daily meals. There is a multitude of herbs that help with health and healing. Oregano is an herb we use often but may not be aware of the life-enhancing benefits. Oregano can be added to almost any dish, soups, salads, vegetables, pasta, poultry, lamb, or beef. The possibilities are endless. Fresh oregano is an antibacterial agent. It fights staph infections and is loaded with antioxidants that help prevent cell damage. It’s an excellent source of fiber, vitamin K, magnesium, iron, vitamin E, and calcium. Oregano oil can be used to further heal infections and colitis. There are many benefits to oregano, and it’s fun to watch it grow, knowing that you’re doing something so good for yourself when you consume it. 

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Megan Thomas

The Miracle of Mushrooms

The blooms of fungi create the miracle of mushrooms. There are countless varieties of mushrooms. Vegans and vegetarians especially enjoy the hearty texture of mushrooms as a substitute for animal protein. The National Institute of Health reports that there are more than 100 medicinal functions produced by mushrooms and fungi. The primary medicinal uses are as an antioxidant, avoiding the development of cancer, minimizing allergies, increasing the immune system, protecting the cardiovascular system, and detoxification. These easily overlooked foods also help prevent tumor development and protect the body against anti-inflammatory diseases. Have fun learning about mushrooms and incorporating mushrooms into your daily diet by experimenting with types of mushrooms and creating new recipes. 

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New Greetings for a New Day 

Remember when we greeted friends and family members with a kiss, a handshake, or a hug? Those days likely will not return for a while still. Just as the handshake evolved, new greetings will evolve. The handshake is believed to have started in ancient Greece. Strangers would show their hands to demonstrate they weren’t carrying a weapon. They would extend their hand for a hand-to-hand shake verifying no weapon would fall out of a sleeve. The custom further evolved in the United States in the wild west. To this day, cowboys are offended when a handshake and their promise aren’t accepted as a binding contract in a business deal. New greetings are emerging in our health-conscious era. Playful dances, fist bumps, and handclaps are used to greet people. My personal favorite in clasping hands in a prayer-like motion greeting your acquaintance with a welcoming smile acknowledging the goodness that will come from the new connection. 

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Choose Healing Methods That Work for You 

Make 2021 a year of healing. Try healing methods that work for you and dismiss the ones that don’t. We will emerge from this global trauma stronger, better, healthier, more connected, and more enlightened people. 

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