Prada bakery opens in London

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Iconic fashion design label Prada is offering those in London more than just its delightful signature fashion garments and accessories – as of the end of May, they can also enjoy delectable cakes and pastries from the brand’s legendary Italian bakery. If you’ve visited Marchesi in Milan, you’re aware of what’s in store.   The London store is a branch of the prestigious Milan bakery, located above Prada’s flagship Galleria store in the Italian city. The Mayfair iteration, situated on Mount Street, is sophisticated and stylish, featuring pastel green shades, antique glass displays and vintage cherry wood counters.

Just like its Italian counterpart, Marchesi in London offers every type of candy and cake imaginable, including traditional Italian panettone, exquisite chocolates, mouth-watering cakes – and everything in between. The store also boasts an espresso bar – let’s face it, nothing beats coffee and a pastry!

When Prada acquired the Milan Marchesi bakery in 2014, it was redesigned and now offers soft shades of green. Today there are 3 Milan stores – one in Prada’s flagship, one at Via Monte Napoleone and third in Italy’s oldest shopping center, the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The London store marks Marchesi bakery’s fourth store and its first outside of Italy.

In actual fact, Pasticceria Marchesi as it was then known, is one of the oldest and finest pastry establishments in Milan. First established in 1824, it was especially known for its superb patisserie, signature chocolates and classic Milanese Panettone. In the 1900s, the bakery started offering coffee in the morning, cocktails in the evening and other refreshments and became one of the city’s landmark cafes. The exquisite creations still have that old-fashioned touch and an unmatched attention to detail – and, of course, they are undeniably delectable.

Located opposite Mayfair’s The Connaught Hotel, the new bakery also features the green hues of the Milan locations, and the same delightful espresso, candies, cakes and pastries that have built such an enviable reputation. So, if you’re planning to visit London this summer, make sure to take a refreshment break at this delightful new bakery; it’s the perfect place to relax after doing some shopping in Bond Street!