Top Eco-Friendly Luxury Vacations – Blue Lagoon, Iceland

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People often associate Eco-friendly vacations with images of roughing in the wilderness; nights spent in a drafty wood cabin with no electricity and limited lumbar support. In actual fact there are many resorts that are both green and glamorous, where you can enjoy luxurious amenities without leaving a carbon footprint. 

Blue Lagoon (Iceland)

The Blue Lagoon harnesses the natural minerals emanating 6500 feet beneath the earth’s surface. The warm aqua blue waters are rich in minerals like silica and sulfur providing many health benefits. The water temperature hovers around 100F year round.  Slow poach your cares away at this unique arctic destination. Aside from the geothermal waters providing complete relaxation to guests, the water is also used to run turbines that help generate electricity for the area

For accommodation, we recommend staying at the Blue Lagoon Clinic Hotel. Set against the majestic Grindavik lava fields, it is the premier luxury resort to stay when visiting this geothermal wonderland. It features 15 bright and spacious rooms; each one offers breathtaking views of the surrounding lava field. Indulge in their Exclusive Lounge where guests get the ultimate VIP treatment. Guests are given their own private bathing lagoons, and a variety of stress relieving spa treatments. 

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