St Barths Bucket Regatta

Bucket Regatta
Bucket Regatta
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From 19 to 22 March, you can come and see some of the most beautiful yachts under the Caribbean sun at the St Barths’ legendary Bucket Regatta. Baroque Access has all the information

Don’t miss the famous St Barths Bucket Race that’s coming up in the next few days, one of the most famous sailing events in the Caribbean, featuring a fleet of more than 40 magnificent sailing vessels. This very special event offers lots of fun, excitement, and an opportunity to warm yourself in the sun for a few days. Who could ask for more?


The annual sailing regatta is one of the most popular on the international yachting calendar, and for good reason. The race is open to yachts over 100 feet, and includes all sorts of sailing vessels, from traditional wooden boats to modern yachts boasting the latest technology. They will all be there, sailing the azure sea – stunning sailboats, luxury yachts and superlative super yachts, setting off on their annual adventure.

This event-filled three-day race is held every year at Port Gustavia, and, as it’s a bucket regatta, and the emphasis is on having fun, some of the boats aren’t really what is to be expected. And that’s what makes the Bucket Race at St Barths so exciting!


Special Regatta Rules

Every year we tell you about the regatta’s unique rules, so take a look if you didn’t see our post in 2015…

Slower yachts start before the others, but the rules of a race still apply – and that is, the first yacht to cross the finish line is the winner.

1.      When they start off, the yachts are only permitted to use sail power, unless power is required for the yacht to steer clear of other yachts in the race.

2.      In the event of a yacht starting ahead of time, they will be permitted to continue, but five minutes will be added to the time of their race.

3.      If crew or owners are too competitive or get aggressive, they will be excluded from the race.


St Barth 2016 Program

Wednesday 16 March:

5.30 to 6.45pm: Super Yacht Racing Association (SYRA) AGM at Salle de Théâtre


Thursday 17 March:

9am to 5pm:  Race office is open for Registration at the Bucket Marquee

12 noon: J Class Race (Captains’ briefing at 9.30am)

5pm: Captain’s Briefing

5.30pm: Bucket Bar opens

7 to 9pm: Fleet welcoming party with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and music


Friday 18 March:

8am to 6pm: Race office is open for media registration

8.30am: Pre-race briefing

11am: First signal for Race 1 and Race 2 for J Class

6.30pm to 8.30pm: Post-race social

7pm: Daily awards presentation


Saturday 19 March:

8am to 6pm: Race office is open

8.30am: Pre-race briefing

11am: First signal for Race 2 and Race 3 for J Class

7pm: Daily awards presentation

7pm to 11pm: Yacht Hop and Bucket Bash at Hotel de la Collectivité across the harbor

11pm to 2am: Bucket after-hours bash at First Yacht Club


Saturday 19 March:

8am to 6pm: Race office is open

8.30am: Pre-race briefing

11am: First signal for Race 3 and Race 4 for J Class

6.30pm to 9pm: Final Awards Ceremony and Cocktail Party at Hotel de la Collectivité


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