The most exclusive festival experience in the world

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From 16 to 19 June you can visit Iceland and enjoy the popular music concert, the Secret Solstice. And if you are prepared to spend $1 million, Baroque Access can arrange the most exclusive concert experience imaginable for you


The Secret Solstice Ultra VIP ticket will cost you in the region of a million dollars. And in keeping with the luxuriousness of this package, even the ticket is special: instead of being made from paper, it’s customized for each VIP from authentic Icelandic lava, and personally engraved and framed!


The Secret Solstice, which will be held from 16 to 19 June this year, is the third consecutive Icelandic festival that showcases both famous established artists and new, up-and-coming talent. The festival takes place over three days in the 24-hour midnight sun during Iceland’s summer solstice, hence its name. It has become known for its unique party atmosphere and superb entertainment, not to mention excellent music.


So what do you get if you are one of the 20 people invited to become VIPs and spend $1 million? Firstly, the fee covers you and five other passengers, so it’s not really as expensive as it initially sounds. The extraordinary VIP package includes return flights for all of you in a private jet from anywhere in the world. For the entire week that you’re on the trip, two chauffeur driven luxury cars will be at your disposal, as well as private security to keep the paparazzi at bay.

Your base for the week will be a luxurious six-room villa in the center of Reykjavik. All six of you will have exclusive entry to Secret Solstice 2016, and will also have chaperoned access to areas that are off-limits to the public.


Several famous and extremely unique experiences await you, including the Secret Solstice Inside The Volcano event, a private concert inside a volcanic crater near the city on Saturday 18 June, which includes helicopter transfers.


There’s also the Inside the Glacier Event, which includes a journey into the glacier to enjoy an exclusive party of just 100 guests.. The Secret Lagoon Party is a pool party like no other, where VIP guests will float in the waters of a naturally heated volcano-powered geothermal pool, the oldest pool in Iceland, whilst being entertained by some of the best music talent in the world.


Another highlight is the Secret Solstice Midnight Sun Boat Party, where 200 lucky guests will leave the city and party when the sun starts setting after midnight before rising again. They will be transported out to sea in a whale watching boat out to enjoy this unique experience.


Of course, the million dollars covers plenty more privileges, including private viewing during the concert, exclusive Icelandic food experiences, helicopter tours and personalized pampering throughout. You’ll also get to take a midnight sun glacier walk, meet some of the music artists performing at Secret Solstice 2016 and much, much more.


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