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According to the New World Wealth survey for 2016, two of the five listed trains worth travelling in are based in Africa. Baroque Travel has all the details about this fascinating survey


 The Maharajas' Express

The Maharajas’ Express

A recent New World Wealth survey focusing on the preferences of the super-richhas just been released. This exclusive and renowned survey lists the top five rated hotels, airlines and trains as well as the most popular fly-fishing locations in the world for 2016, and this year’s results are quite surprising.


Let’s start with the world’s top rated hotels for 2016. Who would have thought that Las Vegas would pip New York as being the home of the top hotel? Number One on the list is Vegas’ The Bellagio, followed by The Plaza in NYC. Third is the Mandarin Oriental in London, and then comes the exquisite Hotel du Cap Eden Roc in Antibes, France. Fifth on the list is the incomparable Raffles in Singapore. Interestingly enough, most of the hotels on the list are relatively small – the luxurious, Italian-Inspired The Bellagio is the only large hotel.



And how do you get to these exquisite hotels from around the world? Your best bet is to fly on one of the world’s top airlines, which are, in order, Singapore Airlines, followed by Quantas, Japan Airlines third, Lufthansa fourth and Air France fifth on the list. Singapore Airlines has claimed this top position numerous times.



Now come the interesting facts. Africa, a continent not usually considered when discussing luxury, boasted two of the five top rated trains in the world. The beautiful Blue Train from South Africa, which came second, and the old world Pride of Africa, from Rovos Rail, which came third.

First on the list was the Eastern & Oriental Express, which travels throughout Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Then come the two African trains, followed by India’s famous Maharajas Express. Number five is another popular locomotive, the historic Orient Express, which journeys through Europe and Turkey.


 Fly fishing on the Snake River

Fly fishing on the Snake River

Fly fishing is becoming an extremely popular pastime for the super-rich and five of the 10 river locations chosen as the best for this sport were located in the United States. The top two rivers were the Snake River followed by Brooks River. Three of the top fishing spots (the Snake River, already mentioned, as well as Yellowstone and Madison Rivers) are all located in and around the Yellowstone National Park.


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