Exclusive limited edition Hennessy

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Sip this exquisite cognac slowly and savor every single drop of the Hennessy 8, a limited edition cognac that will set you back $39,000. Baroque Access finds out all about it


French cognac producers, Hennessy, who are incidentally the largest producers of cognac in the world, have just launched a special limited edition blend to mark the appointment of a new master blender. Yann Fillioux, nicknamed ‘The Gaurdian of the Temple’, is retiring and handing over the title to his nephew, Rinauld de Gironde, making this the eighth generation of master blenders of Hennessy cognac from the Fillioux family.


To honor this auspicious occasion and welcome the eighth master blender from the family, Hennessy created a special blend, aptly named Hennessy.8. This is retiring blender Yann Fillioux’s ultimate blend, one that he created himself over a period of five years, using his 50 years of experience.


It is available in a limited edition of just 250 bottles, each made of exquisite hand-blown Baccarat crystal that features eight inset rings. The bottle is a work of art, designed by Arik Levy, who is world-famous for his artistry and a friend of Maison Hennessy.

These exclusive bottles have other distinctive features including a crystal stopper engraved with a floral motif and a copper silk thread around the collar of the bottle that creates a medallion with the letter ‘H’ for Hennessy, which is sealed with a ribbon.


Each bottle is part of a set that comprises a carafe in an oak chest, which explains why it’s so expensive. The carafe, which weights 60kg, is made up of eight crystal rings that loop around the entire bottle. It was created in 25 layers and is packed in the oak chest and detailed with copper inlays. The limited edition cognac itself is a blend of eight truly exceptional eaux-de-vie, the fermented, double-distilled spirit at the center of the cognac. Retiring blender Yann Fillioux selected seven out of the eight blends to create this precious nectar as a farewell gift.

Maison Hennessy was founded in France by Richard Hennessy in 1765. The brand sells about 50 million bottles a year all over the world, representing more than 40 per cent of the world’s cognac.


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