Montblanc links paper to technology

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Your coveted Montblanc pen is never going out of style. In fact, with Montblanc’s new augmented paper, your luxury pen will take you well into the 21st Century. Baroque Access has all the details


Montblanc is renowned for creating beautiful pens, but now this innovative luxury brand is bringing something new to the writing table… a brand new innovation that integrates writing with your magnificent Montblanc with your digital work flow. Called ‘Augmented Paper’, Montblanc has developed a system whereby hand-written notes and sketches can be transferred from paper to a mobile device by just pressing a button. Once the images or notes are on the digital device, whether it’s a computer, iPad or phone, the content can be treated just like notes and pictures that were written or uploaded onto a digital device – you can edit them, share them and translate them into digital text. That’s the 21st Century for you, the Montblanc way!


This new invention brings together the very best of both analogue and digital worlds. For the first time ever, the enjoyment of writing with a beautiful pen on real paper can be paired with digital work to create an efficient marriage of two very different worlds.

Of course, the pen is extra-special. Called the StarWalker, it has been exclusively developed for Augmented Paper. All notes and sketches are recorded using a special digitizer enclosed in a leather envelope, and then, with a press of a button, these drawings and notes are transmitted to the mobile device of your choice via Bluetooth® Low Energy. There is a special Montblanc Hub app that allows you to convert your hand-written notes into digital text and edit them. You can also edit, store and organise all your sketches and notes on either your smartphone or tablet. You also have the option of sharing your file via email, or storing it in your choice of cloud service.


The Montblanc Augmented Paper set is very unique: it is made up of a lined paper notebook and a beautiful Montblanc StarWalker ballpoint pen housed in a leather envelope. Using the special paper and pen, the traditional art of handwriting is able to step right into the digital world. Other items included in the set include a USB cable to charge the device, three ballpoint refills and tweezers to help you exchange the ballpoint refills.

Montblanc’s handwriting recognition is currently offered in 15 different languages, including English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. The Augmented Paper has another plus – it offers easy organization of documents all in one place, without having to have numerous notebooks. The Montblanc Hub application enables one to tag and search for thousands of notes and sketches. It also features a note-taking function that one can use independently of the Augmented Paper.


Of course, Montblanc is no stranger to the gadget field. In 2015 the brand developed an e-strap, which added smart functionality to its TimeWalker Urban Speed watch. Montblanc Augmented Paper is its latest innovation – and it’s reasonably priced. It sells at approximately $725.


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