Introducing MCIII, the Ultimate Expression of Moët & Chandon

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World famous French champagne house Moët & Chandon continues its relentless pursuit of excellence with a brand new bubbly that is set to revolutionize the market. Baroque Access has all the details


Moët & Chandon champagne is a bold, beautiful bubbly that has stood the test of time for almost three centuries (270 years to be exact). Originally founded by Claude Moët in the middle of the 18th Century, the champagne house was a family business, with a legacy of quality that still stands true to this day.


The latest addition to the Moët & Chandon stable is a bubbly that is synonymous with everything stylish, celebrations that involve black tie, red carpets and every other form of pomp and splendor. The new champagne, called MCIII, pushes boundaries, creating a drinking experience that represents the third century of Moët & Chandon in the best possible way. The prestige cuvée MCIII is a bold champagne, much like its predecessors, but the new iteration is a little different.


It’s a hybrid, a champagne created from various vintage wines that have been matured across three entirely different environments – metal, glass and wood. This blend gives MCIII a most unique and distinctive personality, rendering each of the wines integrated into the final product even stronger and bolder than before. The result of this extraordinary creation is Moët & Chandon’s most complex champagne, one that is also its most harmonious. It’s a revolutionary new tasting experience.


The name ‘MCIII’ expresses this bold new champagne perfectly. The MC, of course, stands for ‘Moët & Chandon’, and the ‘III’ represents the three different universes of wood, glass and metal in which the champagne was matured. The bottle is as luxurious as the final nectar itself. It’s a marriage of two universes, a luminous black glass bottle and an intricate metal cap and base. There is a third universe, too, of course – the wooden coffret in which the bottle rests.


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