Just in time for Christmas – new limited edition Ulysse Nardin Timepiece

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Beautiful and bold, the latest Ulysse Nardin timepiece screams glamour and seduction. Baroque Access takes a look at this slightly risqué new model


Inspired by Burlesque glamour, the brazen new limited edition Ulysse Nardin Pin-Up watch is beautiful and a touch provocative. Created from a choice of either 18-carat rose gold or platinum, the latest addition to this famous Swiss timepiece manufacturer’s legendary line of hour striker watches is also exceptionally beautiful.

Reinvigorated to match modern times, the eye-catching Ulysse Nardin Pin-Up features the figure of a provocative dancer dressed in an elaborately detailed outfit made from peacock feathers on the dial’s left-hand side, next to a male peacock showing off its colorful plumage. This exquisite mini painting is meticulously hand-crafted by Ulysse Nardin’s extremely skilled in-house artists using acrylic colors and delicate paintbrushes to ensure that the minutest details are brought to life.


The painstaking process on each dial takes between 50 and 90 hours to complete. Each finished dial is a masterpiece that is extremely prized by art lovers and collectors alike. Ulysse Nardin is one of the first watchmakers to lead the revival of the hour striker mechanism, and this horologic complication is one of the most intricate in mechanical timekeeping.

The watch’s hour striker function automatically rings out the time on the hour as well as on the half hour, or whenever the wearer activates the function using the special striker button. Chimes are matched to the animated movements of the peacock’s wings, which move to reveal the dancer’s curvaceous unadorned figure. The automatic watch is set in a round case with a reverse crystal. It is powered by the Caliber UN-610 automatic movement and boasts a power reserve of around 42 hours. It is also water resistant to almost 100 feet (30 meters) and features a black leather strap with a folding buckle.


The watch contains a self-winding movement and an anti-reflective sapphire crystal face cover that is highly durable and also scratch resistant. The case back is also sapphire crystal. It protects the timepiece’s complex inner workings while allowing the viewer to admire them at the same time.

Only 28 models of this exceptional artistic timepiece are being created in gold and platinum variants. The Jaquemart (miniature automation) on the painted dial brings the world of Burlesque theater to life through the delightful daring of the dancer who is revealed to be naked when the peacock’s tail and wing move. The rest of the time, this charming figure gazes seductively out at the viewer, posing in high-heeled sandals with a flower in her hair, her body just hidden by colorful peacock feathers.


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