The perfect drink to savor in the New Year

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Scottish whisky brand Glenmorangie has just launched the first whisky in the Bond House No 1 collection of vintage single malts, the perfect drink to celebrate the start of a brand new year. Baroque Access finds out all the details


The inaugural expression of this brand new Glenmorangie vintage whisky collection is the Grand Vintage Malt 1990, which depicts a memorable year in the history of the Scottish brand’s famous distillery. Glenmorangie is famous for its continual quest for excellence, its meticulous crafting and aging of whisky. This is the inspiration behind this new collection of whiskies that blend both tradition and innovation together as seamlessly as the whiskies themselves.


The new Glenmorangie collection is being specially created for both collectors and connoisseurs alike to celebrate aged whisky at its best. The Grand Vintage Malt 1990 is the first release in this collection; it celebrates one of the brand’s most memorable years. In 1990, Warehouse Number 1, where Glenmorangie Distillery’s casks of maturing whisky used to be kept, was renovated and transformed into a majestic still house, which to this day is famous for featuring the tallest copper stills in Scotland.


The year 1990 was also renowned for having a difficult barley harvest as far as whisky production is concerned. Despite this, Glenmorangie managed to create an excellent nectar that is elegant with fruity, floral aromas. This vintage whisky has been aged for 25 years in casks that were once used for sherry and bourbon. It is the first in the Bond House No 1 Collection and will be joined by other equally unique single malt whiskies in the years to come.


The Bond House No 1 Collection of whiskies will be a showcase of Glenmorangie’s most complex and elegant vintage malts. Each will be distilled in one year. The first of these, the Grand Vintage Malt 1990, has been described as having “heady, floral and fruity notes”. Apparently, it boasts “sweet flavors of orange syrup, puff candy, honeycomb and vanilla”. It also offers connoisseurs a unique opportunity to explore a very individual whisky that defied all the odds to become an absolute delight.


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