Priceless Lexus super yacht on the horizon

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Not content with providing the world with super-fast super cars, luxury super car manufacturer Lexus has created a yacht that reaches unbelievable speeds. Baroque Yachts finds out all about it


In the future we may be seeing Lexus luxury boats on the seas, if the Japanese-based luxe supercar manufacturer’s latest project is anything to go by. This month, Lexus revealed a superlative, unique super yacht, a hint that they may shortly be producing exquisite, fast, sporty sailing vessels as well as the luxury cars they have become so famous for. The yacht was introduced at Di Lido Island on Biscayne Bay, Florida, by Lexus Chief Branding Officer, Akio Toyoda.


Lexus has announced that they will be expanding “into new areas of lifestyle and recreation”, so a series of super sailing boats may well be part of the plan. The brand’s new sport yacht concept certainly hints at their future preoccupation. The yacht can reach approximately 43 knots (49 miles per hour); this is almost as fast as the fastest vessel on the market, which reaches 50 knots. That’s a mean feat for a car manufacturer.


The high tech vessel, which is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, is designed to accommodate up to eight people at a time, boasts twin 5.0 liter V8 petrol engines and is inspired by the high-performance vehicle, the Lexus RC F coupe, GS F sport saloon and the brand’s latest iteration, the LC 500 luxury coupe. The fully networked, integrated audio and video entertainment system on the yacht was created by Videoworks of Italy; it offers 4G, Wi-Fi and WAN. By using carbon-fiber reinforced plastic to create the yacht, its weight is significantly reduced; in fact, it’s almost 2,200 pounds lighter than similar sized yachts that are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. Interestingly enough, the carbon fiber is also used on the automaker’s incredible LFA, which reaches up to 202 miles per hour.


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