Rich by Veuve Cliquot

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For those who enjoy only the finest things in life, French champagne brand Veuve Cliquot has something new on the menu – RICH, a champagne that was specially created for mixology


Just in time for summer, innovative French champagne brand Veuve Cliquot has created something new and refreshing, a brand of champagne that was created especially to be combined with other ingredients for cocktails. This iconic bubbly brand has been titillating the palates of connoisseurs for more than two and a half centuries – since 1772 to be exact – but that doesn’t mean it’s not ready to stay right on trend. While it set the trend in the 18th Century for nobility and the wealthy to enjoy champagne, it’s now setting another trend: creating a drink that is just begging to be experimented with, to be mixed with other ingredients to create fine champagne cocktails.


Its latest iteration – Veuve Cliquot RICH is blended with a higher dosage of Veuve Cliquot Pinot Noir and balanced with the fresh, gourmand flavors of Menier. This innovative combination elevates the fruitiness of the nectar and creates the ideal base to use when mixing a cocktail.

To make life even more exciting, there isn’t just one iteration of RICH; Veuve Cliquot has presented two… the RICH and the RICH Rosé. The former begs for a mix using pineapples, grapefruit zest, celery, cucumber, tea and peppers, while the Rosé is ideal for mixing with ginger, lime, tea and pineapples. This unique collection was created by Veuve Cliquot Cellar Master, Dominique Demarville, together with a number of expert mixologists. Both iterations are beautifully presented in silver bottles adorned with Veuve Cliquot’s iconic comet deisgn.


While Reims-based Champagne house Veuve Cliquot’s latest creation has been especially designed to blend perfectly with certain ingredients, it’s also been crafted so that you can create your very own customized Champagne cocktails. And with spring almost here, and summer on the horizon, there’s no better time to use your imagination and combine your own choice of ingredients.


Creating a trend of drinking champagne in every possible manifestation is a wise move for this prestigious brand. Veuve Cliquot is showing those who have the taste, the style and of course, the money, to enjoy their fine bubbly just how versatile and unique it is. A champagne to be enjoyed throughout the heady summer days ahead, day and night, and in a variety of jet set locations around the world.



1) Place ice cubes in a large wine glass

2) Add one of the recommended ingredients mentioned above

3) Finish with chilled Veuve Clicquot Rich


Here is a refreshing cocktail to try…

RICH Pineapple champagne cocktail

1.      Cut a fresh pineapple into quarters and then into slices.

2.      Place five ice cubes into a large wine glass. Add five to six slices of pineapple.

3.      Fill the glass with Veuve Cliquot RICH and enjoy.


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