The Ferrari of trains will take you on a trip through Japan

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It could be a Ferrari, but it isn’t. Despite being created by the same designer, the Train Suite Shiki-shima is very much a locomotive – and a most luxurious one at that. Baroque Travel finds out all about a journey on Japan’s most luxurious train


Bucket list experiences are high on the list of those who can afford to have them. And we have one of these, a one-of-a-kind train journey on the Ferrari of trains, the brand new Train Suite Shiki-shima, which offers the most incredibly luxurious train trip imaginable through Japan. What’s more, this magnificent locomotive could really be a Ferrari – it’s been designed by the very same man who created the Ferrari Enzo, as well as the Porsche AG and the magnificent Maserati Quattroporte.


We’re talking about Ken Kyoyuki Okuyama, who previously worked at both General Motors and Porsche AG. This is the first locomotive that this master has created, and it’s full of impressive luxury touches, all in true Japanese style. There are tatami mats in the bedrooms, the lounge has been designed to resemble a tranquil Japanese forest and service is beyond impeccable.


The luxurious Train Suite Shiki-shima can carry a maximum of just 34 passengers, who will embark on a journey of a lifetime. When the train was initially announced, people flocked to book to be its first passengers. There was so much interest in the train, that tickets had to be sold on a lottery basis. But tickets for tours later this year will be sold via travel agents as well as the company itself, JR East.


Journeys on this impressive locomotive are either one, two- or three-night adventures, exploring Japanese sites such as Naruko Hot Springs, the intricately detailed Nikko Toshugu Shrine and the impressive Hirosaki Castle. Passengers on these and other excursions will get to see how local craftsmen create their artistic products, and will savor dishes traditionally served in the regions that they are visiting.


But aside from learning about a side of Japan that is relatively unexplored, passengers on board the Train Suite Shiki-shima will also enjoy a ride on this luxurious, ultra-modern train.

Because of its exclusivity and superior standard of luxury, a journey on Train Suite Shiki-shima won’t come cheap. A two-day journey will cost in the region of $2,900 per person, while a four-day sojourn will be anything from $6,800. And remember, that’s for a standard suite. A deluxe suite will cost much more, whilst the Shiki-shima suite is the most expensive on the train.


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