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Let us introduce you to the Alpha-One Android smartphone created by Tonino Lamborghini. Currently only available in the UK at Harrods in London and in upmarket stores in the UAE, this is an exclusive and vital accessory if you wish to be ahead of the crowd. Baroque Access takes a look


Let’s face it, if it’s a Tonino Lamborghini, it’s not going to be cheap. Chic and stylish, yes. Good looks? Definitely. Exclusive? You betcha. It’s a brand new Android phone, and not the brand’s first either. It also sells for an eye-watering $2,540, which is fine if you don’t mind paying for the brand value. 


But let’s start at the beginning. When you open the good-looking box encasing the phone you’ll find a beautiful bespoke hand-crafted Italian leather phone case and a black leather back cover to the phone, emblazoned with the logo ‘Tonino Lamborghini’. The front of the headset is finished with gold-plated stainless steel. There’s also a charge cable. The phone itself is made from liquid metal, which is much stronger than titanium alloy – that’s the same material used in Lamborghini cars. This protects your luxury phone from scratches, dents, corrosion and chemicals.


Look at your new accessory closely. It’s 77m wide (that’s just a tad over 3 inches), 152mm high (double that at almost 6 inches) with a depth of 8mm (0.31 inch). It features a 5.5-inch Wide Quad High Definition AMOLED display with Corning Gorilla glass, and boasts a 20-megapixel rear camera and f/1.8 aperture 4K video recorder with dual image stabilization. The front features an 8-megapixel unit. You’ll also find a dedicated DAC and ACD for excellent sound playback and recording and a dual front-facing speakers that are part of a Dolby Atmos Digital Surround system. With 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage, we’re talking some serious phone here.


Other features include 24 hours’ talk time on a single charge and a fingerprint scanner at the back of the smartphone for security.

Let’s face it: Tonino Lamborghini was brave releasing the phone in the current market, when market leaders Vertu have just fallen off the face of the earth (they announced early in August that they were shutting down their UK manufacturing operations after 19 years). But the brand is in good company: there are still plenty of contenders in this very niche luxury market.


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