The scariest hotel in London

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With Halloween upon us, Baroque Travel thought it would be fun to introduce you to London’s scariest hotel, the Langham, which also just happens to be one of the city’s most luxurious establishments


The Langham is actually the first purpose-built luxury hotel in London, a hotel that has hosted numerous famous writers such as Mark Twain, Oscar Wylde and Arthur Conan Doyle whose hero, Sherlock Holmes, visited The Langham on numerous occasions in various novels. But Mr Holmes wasn’t the only visitor to this esteemed establishment. Word has it that some guests had seen the ghost of Napoleon the Third, who spent his last days at the hotel whilst in exile before he died in 1873. Other ghosts include a butler who wanders along the corridors without shoes, a footman complete with powdered wig and a man who has a nasty wound on his face.

Of course, this exquisite hotel has been refurbished numerous times, but some of the spirits still remain. If that’s not reason enough to visit this beautiful hotel, here are some more reasons: It’s located on Regent Street in the West End, one of London’s premier locations. It boasts 380 beautiful rooms, all of which have been meticulously refurbished to their former glory. And most interesting of all, father and son gourmet chefs Albert and Michael Roux Junior are at the helm in the kitchens, looking after all the hotel’s restaurants and bars.

The restaurants include Roux at the Laundau, an establishment that delights guests with its classical dishes that are a combination of French cuisine with a British twist. Artesian serves exotic Oriental dishes with a touch of classic and contemporary flavors, and one can also enjoy a delectable afternoon tea in the legendary Palm Court. Finally there’s the newly opened Wigmore, a modern British tavern serving a selection of delightful dishes.

The Langham is also home to Chuan Body + Soul, a state-of-the-art spa that offers holistic treatments, a fully equipped fitness center and a 16-meter indoor pool.

With more than one and a half centuries of history, this historic hotel, which opened its doors in 1865, continues to captivate its guests. A London icon, it was known for its unique indulgences such as electric lighting, hydraulic lifts, air-conditioning and other modern innovations that set the standard for a luxury hotel experience. No wonder royalty, artists, musicians, celebrities and the like all chose to stay there whenever they visited London.

On the hotel’s 150th birthday in 2015, the hotel celebrated by opening the exclusive Regent Wing as well as a superlative 6-bedroom suite, The Sterling Suite, and the exclusive Langham Club Lounge. After being restored in 2016, it reopened this year with the new luxury tavern, The Wigmore, and its spa.


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