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Coveted Italian designer tableware from Seletti is renowned; each collection is even more unique than the last. And the latest tableware from this fashionable décor house is no exception – it’s got a 24-karat gold vein running through the porcelain! Baroque Access finds out all the details


Every item on Seletti’s list of products is a masterpiece of design, an art piece in its own right that is coveted and collected by art lovers, and those from all over the globe who enjoy the finer things in life. The luxury brand’s latest collection of tableware is quite unique – but we’re quite used to that from Seletti. The designers who produce their creative pieces for this sought-after brand go all out to achieve unique, eclectic pieces that all have a touch of whimsy. Previous tableware created for the brand includes their legendary hybrid range, which offers two completely different designs in one.


The latest collection of eye-catching pieces for the table was created by Italian designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba. Called ‘Kintsugi’, it is inspired by the Japanese century-old technique of repairing ceramics, also called ‘kintsugi’. It’s an artisanal method of repair, using gold. Marcantonio has used it in the new collection to create eye-catching pieces stuck together with a 24-karat gold vein just like the pieces that are fixed in this ancient Japanese style. The Japanese don’t try to hide the cracks; they are celebrated with shining gold. Just like the brand new porcelain tableware collection he created for Seletti.


The contemporary collection comprises plates, small bowls and cups, all made from ceramic fragments from different table services and joined together with 24-karat gold. Each is a magnificent piece of artwork in its own right, unique and extremely precious.

At the 2018 Maison & Objet Paris trade show, which took place from 18 to 22 January this year, Seletti, already legendary for its irreverent creations, showed this new ‘Kintsugi’ collection. And, as we could have predicted, it received much acclaim. Designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba is already well-known for his mastery, having created the unique ‘Mouse lamp’ and ‘Monkey lamp’ for Seletti.


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