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Everybody’s talking about the latest adventure on offer in Indonesia – the Bawah Reserve, offering 6 islands to explore, 3 magnificent lagoons and 13 beautiful beaches, all waiting to be discovered on one magical vacation

Located a mere 300 km from Singapore, this tropical paradise is part of Anambas, the most remote archipelago in Indonesia. Surrounded by azure ocean and lagoons with coral reefs visible beneath, this unspoiled, previously uninhabited marine conversation area is an ideal destination for adventurers and paradise seekers who enjoy exploring untouched terrain whilst being indulged in all-inclusive luxury. Relaxation is a given in this secluded spot, which is a tropical paradise.

Bawah Reserve is the only resort in Asia that offers a variety of experiences accessible by transportation on its own amphibious seaplane. Guests arrive at the reserve on the seaplane, which collects them from Singapore’s Batam International Airport and then embarks on an exciting 80-minute journey, in time for a gourmet lunch.

The reserve offers guests an unprecedented luxury experience that includes personalized dining, kayaking and snorkeling adventures, treks through the forest, hands-on cooking lessons, picnics on the beach and unlimited spa treatments. In this tropical paradise, everything is taken care of to ensure that guests are pampered to the extreme.

Dining is a selection of tasteful experiences in a choice of dream settings. At Treetops Restaurant, guests are perched under a jungle canopy surrounded by tropical rainforest with breathtaking lagoon views as they enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner. Fine dining is a given here, accompanied by superb wine and crimson-colored sunset vistas. For a private, romantic affair that includes lanterns, wine and gourmet fare, book ‘The Lookout’.

The Grouper Bar is perfect for relaxing and enjoying a refreshing drink. It’s a meeting place with a lazy atmosphere, offering everything from coffee to cocktails, ambient music to aperitifs, fine vintage wines to 18-year old malt whiskeys. Resting above the trees is the Jules Verne Bar that not only offers cocktails and soft drinks but light snacks as well. It’s the best spot to refresh after an energetic forest hike. Cocktail hour is also celebrated on the viewing platform where guests watch fruit bats and pigeons.

Let’s not forget the Boat House, the beach bar, a slice of paradise on one of the beaches with panoramic views of the lagoon and a contemporary, bohemian vibe. Lunch, dinner and drinks are served there.

Accommodation is in a choice of only 35 luxury suites offering the ultimate private island experience with unparalleled exclusivity and privacy. Beach suites include Deluxe Suites and bamboo tents and garden suites offer jungle luxe. There are also Overwater Bungalows for a unique perspective.

Guests spend their days doing as much – or as little – as they wish, with the choice of stunning facilities including a beach cinema, numerous water sports, hiking or exploring the magnificent surrounds.

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