Rare French Champagne is taken to another level

Harrods London
Harrods London
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Harrods in London is selling 3 of a limited edition of 10 jewel-encrusted bottles of rare champagne at a never-before-seen price of £115,000 (that’s approximately US $150,000) per bottle! Baroque Access has all the details

The price of the 10 unique bottles of Piper Heidsieck Prestige Cuvée ‘Le Secret’ Rare is unsurpassed, never seen before outside of a fine wine auction. So what makes them so special? Each is encrusted with a ruby, sapphire or emerald embedded at the heart of a series of interwoven bands of gold that are set with 510 small diamonds. These limited edition bottles are literally one-of-a-kind, originating from a secret batch of exceptional 1997 vintage Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Champagne produced by Piper Heidsieck Rare Champagne.

The design of the jewels is inspired by Marie Antoinette as muse; the jewels and the gold bottle that they adorn are created by French jeweler Mellerio dits Meller, a 400-year-old establishment that is family-owned and -run. Aside from the 1.15-karat diamond, ruby, sapphire or emerald adorning the bottle that is embedded in interwoven bands of gold set with 510 little diamonds, there are also gold and platinum threads running down each bottle and a 24-karat solid gold muselet (wire cage for the cork). Of course, the presentation case is just as opulent; it features a mirrored interior that reflects the cuts of the precious stones used in each bottle.

What is so special about these particular champagnes? The Rare Champagne brand itself is the prestige brand of Piper Heidsieck, one of the oldest Champagne houses in France with a rich heritage that dates all the way back to 1785. These particular wines were created in a very small quantity behind closed doors, secretly aged in magnums in legendary winemaker Regis Camus’ private cellar. Now, more than two decades later, the results are as extraordinary as the bottles that hold them.

No ordinary bottle could hold such fine nectar, which is why these special bottles were created. Of course, the champagne aptly named Rare Le Secret, is meant to be imbibed. And once each of the 10 unique Rare Le Secret High Jewellery bottles is empty, it is taken to Maison Mellerio’s workshops in Paris and the 1.15-karat stone is transformed into a bespoke piece of jewelry for the owner – an elegant brooch, pendant or bracelet.

Not only 10 bottles of this special Rare Le Secret Champagne were created. There is also a selection of 1,000 magnums of Rare Le Secret Goldsmith, described by the brand as a ‘minimalist delight’. The gold label features decorative typography and flowing lines that reflects the stunning minimalist creation. Each one is engraved and numbered, and priced at £1,150 (that’s around US$1,500)

Why Marie Antoinette as muse? Apparently the Queen of France was a loyal Mellerio customer. In 1710, she acquired a Mellerio bracelet created with seven cameos embellished with garnets. So the new jewel-encrusted bottles of champagne created by Mellerio continue this historic link.

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