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Sushi with a French twist is what you’ll get at the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Bar des Prés in Paris, which offers healthy and inventive food that fuses Asian and French cuisine. Baroque Access gets a taste

The focal point of Le Bar des Prés is the huge slab of marble that makes up the sushi bar. Like the restaurant itself, the menu is small and perfectly put together, a signature of renowned chef Cyril Lignac who owns the establishment. Located in the charming area of St-Germain and reminiscent of times go by, the restaurant features an inviting bar and a warm atmosphere.

The exclusive offerings on the menu combine Lignac’s French heritage and his inspirations from overseas adventures, especially his trips to Asia. The restaurant has a Japanese sushi chef who creates the sashimi, maki and sushi whilst the drinks menu features a range of global creations, reinvented classics and some world class sakes from the north of Japan.

Cyril Lignac is a TV chef, the owner of the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Quinzième as well as other fabulous eating establishments in Paris, such as the bistros Le Chardenoux and Aux Prés and Le Bar des Prés next door. Together with renowned pastry chef Benoît Couvrand he opened La Pâtisserie and La Chocolaterie, which is totally dedicated to chocolate. Alongside the three savory establishments (Le Chardenoux, Aux Prés, Le Quinzième), Lignac owns four bakeries, the chocolate shop – and Le Bar des Prés.

Here, in this Asian-inspired haven his team of skilled chefs create Japanese delicacies with a decidedly French twist. Do try the salmon-avocado California rolls accompanied by a jalapeño vinaigrette, spicy mayonnaise and chives or the Breton lobster salad, which includes peaches and elderberry. For dessert we recommend the rum-drenched baba au rhum or the yuzu sorbet with cherries, peaches and pomegranate seeds. Wash it all down with a fine wine, or a unique cocktail (the Twister Julep is delicious).

It’s not surprising to find out that this very unique French restaurant has garnered a Michelin Star. Chef Lignac’s inventiveness and prowess know no bounds, and the restaurant, located in the heart of Saint Germain des Prés, offers a very creative – and delicious – menu. With his signature cachet, Lignac’s menu features Lobster Rolls Breton alongside Salers beef tartare and the sublime sushi selection. But the French dishes are Lignac’s interpretation, so you can expect lots of surprises. What a fabulous experience!

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