Where to stay in Namibia

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Located in a wildlife reserve where animals happily reside in their natural habitat, Omaanda is quite unique. Set on over 9,000 hectares close to the country’s capital of Windhoek, Omandaa is a small, private and extremely luxurious lodge, offering a taste of the wilds that is relatively unmatched in this otherworldly country, where desolate plains and simplicity is the norm and nature reigns supreme.

Set right in the midst of the N/a’an ku sê private wildlife reserve, the lodge overlooks endless plains. There are just 10 luxury round thatched huts here, built in traditional Ovambo style but offering every comfort while doing their utmost not to hurt the environment.

The unique resort also offers a cosy bar, a heated swimming pool overlooking the spectacular savannah, a spa with two double treatment rooms and a boutique. The main restaurant welcomes guests throughout the day, offering a selection of excellent dishes created with fresh local produce.

Life at the lodge is relaxed and tranquil, and the spa’s wellness and beauty treatments add another aspect to the peaceful surrounds. But it’s the excursions to explore the surroundings where adventure awaits. Everything here is bespoke, including these experiences, and the staff is on hand to ensure that guests enjoy nature at its very best in this magnificent environment.

This exceptional lodge was created by French hotelier Arnaud Zannier, who is renowned for his Cambodian resort, Phum Baitang and stylish European hotels, including Le Chalet in the French ski resort of Megève. Zannier was told about Namibia by none other than Angelina Jolie, who spent five months in his Cambodian establishment while filming a movie and has also visited the wildlife reserve close to Omaanda, the N/a’an ku sê sanctuary run by conservationists Rudie and Marlice van Vuuren. With their assistance, Zannier bought the land adjoining the reserve in Namibia, and built Omaanda there.

Zanier has fallen in love with Namibia, evident in the beauty of Omaanda and the care he took in creating this luxury resort. He has also ensured that the sanctuary of N/a’an ku sê is an extension of his property and his mission – here cheetah, leopard, lion, rhino, elephant, zebra and a pack of wild dogs live in harmony. They were released into the wilds here by the sanctuary in the hope that one day they will be released into national parks.



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