Bentley unwraps its latest convertible

6.0-liter W12 Continental GT Convertible


Recently revealed, the new Bentley droptop luxury cruiser is in a limited edition of just 100 vehicles that will be available worldwide. Each of these 100 cars features a piece of a piston from the original Bentley 1929 Number 1 Blower. It has been used to create the wheel spinner emblem in the center of each car’s dashboard’s rotating display. Bentley removed the piece of this classic 1929 racing car during its restoration.

The interior of the new Bentley Number 1 Edition includes a choice of upholstery in the colors Cricket Ball or Beluga with a folding hood in either Claret or Beluga. They all feature Grand Black wood veneer trims in addition to some 18-carat gold touches on the fender badging and painted Number 1 on the front grille. The steering wheel is enrobed in Alcantara and the Jaeger clocks get a number 1 at 12 o’ clock. The center console is adorned with machine-turned metal.

With the top off this magnificent convertible can reach 60 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 207 miles per hour – quite impressive for such a weighty vehicle (it weights in a 5,332 pounds).

This is the final limited edition on Bentley’s Centenary trilogy of cars. The previous two models are the Bentley Mulsanne W.O. Edition introduced in 2018 and the Continental GT Number 9 Edition that was revealed early 2019.

The Number 1 Edition is based on the 6.0-liter W12 Continental GT Convertible, the ultimate Grand Tourer. Handcrafted in England during Bentley’s 100th birthday, the exhilarating open-top car contains exquisite design elements. It also showcases a range of bespoke features and is equipped with a Centenary Pack, Bentley Black Line Specification and Carbon Body Kit, rounded off by the painted Number 1 grille.

The new iteration boasts an enhanced version of Bentley’s famous 6.0-liter, twin turbo-charged W12 TSI engine. Like its predecessor, the supercharged 1929 Blower, the new iteration offers exhilaration and agile performance plus stunning contemporary design. These 100 new Number 1 Editions offer an exclusive and rare opportunity to own a vehicle that embodies the true spirit of Bentley’s racing history. The Number 1 Edition also features the Bentley Centenary Specification Pack, that includes Centenary badges to the rear and on the wheel centers, Centenary LED welcome lamps, Centenary badging on the gear lever and steering wheel, and a Centenary badge on the key-fob.

Based in Crewe, England, Mulliner is Bentley’s personal commissioning division and exists to respond to the requirements of the marque’s most discerning customers. As well as creating truly exclusive Limited Edition models, it also undertakes personalisation to create unique Bentleys of individual taste.


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